Readers Write: Stand up against bigotry in VGN mayoral race


The Northshore Asian Civic Association, along with many Chinese-American residents in the Great Neck community, unanimously condemn the racial hatred comments in “Readers Write: Stop dirty politics, save our community” published on the Island Now website.

The image has been meticulously edited and intentionally mistranslated to serve the dark purpose of dividing this community. There are no such discussions in James Wu’s campaign group. The commentary about NACA and discussions in the WeChat group is purely speculative and exaggeration without any factual basis.

We are very dismayed to see that The Island Now published such divisive and purposely misleading comments without any fact-checking.

We want to make ourselves very clear: The racial remarks are repulsive and fabricated with distorted details. NACA has zero tolerance for such racial divide and moral ambiguity.

Both NACA and fellow Asian residents in this community were deeply troubled and sickened by such bigotry in this great community that we live in. We are also concerned about the fact that certain people are using such rhetoric for the basis of the upcoming village of Great Neck election.

Great Neck is a melting pot and has residents coming from all over the world with diverse ethnic and religious background. While we may have different cultural backgrounds, we all share common values and want to make our community inclusive and caring for our children where they can learn civility and tolerance. The election is about who can serve the entire community better, not about racial representation.

We condemn anyone who uses race or religion as the basis for creating a divide in this community. We encourage all residents of Great Neck to stand up against such bigotry and make sure that they learn that hate and divide has no place in our community.

NACA Board

Northshore Asian Civic Association





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