Readers Write: Suozzi has earned another term in Congress


By now, everyone should know the Democratic Primary for June 23 is by absentee ballot. They arrived some weeks ago. Please fill out and mail if you have yet to do so. If you cannot find yours, call the Board of Elections (516-571-8683 or 516-571-2411). The last day to apply is June 16. Completed ballots must be postmarked by June 22.

Friends, Neighbors, Congressman Tom Suozzi’s two opponents are totally unqualified with no previous government position and no track record to even criticize. They have spent the bulk of their campaign suing each other rather than going door-to-door to introduce themselves, hold rallies to explain their platforms, invade our mailboxes with fliers. I won’t even give them name recognition here. 

I do have one question for them, however. Why or how did they believe they could ‘cut their political teeth’ at the federal level? Give us the benefit of your public service at the village, town or county legislature first.

Congressman Suozzi deserves our support because he is very qualified. Yes, I’ve read the ‘nit-picking’ letters to the editor, but they don’t hold water against his record, his endorsements and ratings based on performance. 

Tom has:

A rating/grade from the Children’s Defense Fund

A rating/grade from the National Education Association

100%  from the Humane Society 

100%  from Planned Parenthood

  97%  from the League of Conservation Voters

He has been endorsed by:   The Sierra Club, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The NYS AFL-CIO, The Long Island Federation of Labor, Long Island Building Trades, The Stonewall Democrats, End Citizens United.

Wouldn’t you agree the above is a diverse group of supporters? Tom Suozzi earned this with his voting record on the issues, his proposals and initiatives for legislation and his record of getting monies for New York state. 

Steven M Walk

Great Neck


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