Readers Write: Suozzi’s SALT legislation a ‘publicity stunt’


I was surprised that the Island Now wrote an entire article about Tom Suozzi’s failed effort to lower our federal taxes.  This was obviously another Suozzi stunt designed to generate free publicity for himself.

After all, the GOP leadership announced that Suozzi’s bill would never be brought up for a vote in the Senate.  Even if a Christmas miracle occurred, the President promised to veto the bill in a heartbeat.

Long Island voters are still angry at Suozzi for raising our property taxes by 23 percent when he was county executive. Mr. Suozzi is hoping that his little stunt will convince voters that it was another politician who jacked up our taxes so dramatically.

In addition to jacking up our property taxes, Mr. Suozzi has a habit of giving his friends “no show” government jobs.  That’s another reason our taxes are so incredibly high.

I’ve had enough of politicians like Mr. Suozzi.  That’s why I’m running against him in the Democratic Primary.

If I’m elected, G-d willing, I will become the first 9/11 firefighter elected to Congress.  I will also become the first sex-crimes prosecutor elected to Congress.  I’ve dedicated my life to public service.  I’m not really into stunts.

Michael Weinstock

Great Neck
Candidate for Congress NY-3


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