Readers Write: Support Katz for mayor of Great Neck Plaza



I watched the virtual town hall mayoral debate between Len Katz and Ted Rosen on Thursday evening, Sept. 3.

It was quite apparent to me that Mr. Rosen was running for mayor on his credentials and years of experience with the Great Neck Plaza administration, including deputy mayor. He certainly was running not on his accomplishments or a specific plan to help the struggling Plaza area.

Mr. Katz, on the other hand, forcefully indicated his plan to revive the area. He indicated that he would seek inputs from the Plaza residents and the merchants along the Middle Neck Road strip. He also would coordinate with the mayors and administrations of the other Great Neck Villages. He said that with these inputs in hand he would then generate a plan which would have a consensus opinion, from residents and merchants alike, as to how to proceed to improve the Plaza area. The area was already in very bad shape even before the Covid-19 virus appeared and made things worse.

I have been a Great Neck resident for 44 years. I have personally known Len Katz for many years. He is a very intelligent, savvy and hardworking individual.  I have have found over the years that when he decides to solve a problem, he dedicates himself and those around him to that task.

Mr. Rosen has had several years to improve the Plaza, but instead was part of the administration that permitted it to decay. He has had his chance and failed!

Mr. Katz was right! It is time for new faces with fresh ideas to return the Plaza area to the vibrant area that it once was. It is a difficult task, but I am confident that Len Katz is the person capable of doing it.

I am voting for Leonard Katz for mayor and I strongly urge all voters to do the same.

Alan Levy

Great Neck






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