Readers Write: Support needed for veteran funerals


Many years ago when a cousin of mine died, he was buried on Long Island.

He had a military burial as he was an army veteran.  Taps were played.  But, not by a bugler playing those 24 notes.

Taps were played by a boom box.

Enter Tom Day who started bugles across America in 2000.

He has assembled 6,270 buglers throughout the U.S. who are available to play taps at veteran burials.

In 10 years, they have played taps at 200,000 burials as 2,200 vets are buried each month.

Tom is using about $10,000 of his own money to keep the program going.

Why not go to his web site and consider giving a donation as the  program runs a deficit that Mr. Day picks up from his own funds?

John Messina 

East Williston


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