Readers Write: The crisis of our times

Readers Write: The crisis of our times

The parade of elected inept, corrupt and often evil politicians began about 50 years ago.  The governing class taxed, regulated and signed trade agreements that bankrupted our factories and exported our jobs, all in the name of globalization.

They opened our borders to cheaper, more pliable labor that filled the remaining jobs and then they inundated our small towns and communities with readily available Medicaid opioids to keep the natives quiet and malleable.

The landscape is littered with the shuttered, decrepit remains of what were once vibrant factories and decent people. 

Some Americans who objected were labeled deplorable: ridiculed for clinging to guns and bibles and subjected to a relentless cabal determined to take away their constitutional rights. 

Other Americans, in an attempt to escape dystopia, went off to college indoctrination mills and often graduated with yokes around their necks in the form of government loans and useless degrees in gender studies, ethnic studies or communication arts. 

They learned little of value but their radical professors did teach many of them a hatred for their country. The uninformed, “useful idiots” protest in the streets but often know not what they protest.

But the coup de grace against the great nation is administered by a media that delivers a daily stream of unproven allegations, sexual dalliances, gaffes or boorish behavior. 

A vacuous, self-described elite regurgitates the dribble rather than focus on the real issues and remedy the real problems.

We are truly a nation in crisis. 

Our jobs are exported, our schools fail to teach, our constitutional rights are attacked, our media deceives us, our debt is insurmountable and as the welfare state collapses, there are still those who ask for more government handouts.

We face a crisis, no less than the Civil War or the Great Depression but as in the past, many Americans are finally awakening with unknown consequences. 

Laurann Pandelakis


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