Readers Write: The pros for Trump


One has to give credit to Mr. Goldberg of Great Neck who had the courage to agree with Nancy Pelosi that the middle class receiving a $1,000 bonanza to either buy tires or a new refrigerator or filling up their cars with gasoline is accepting “crumbs” from the federal government is not what Goldberg would accept.  I assume he has the necessary financial resources to buy whatever he wants.  Good for him.  But, his empathy for  his fellow citizens who can use this $1,000 is lacking.  Sad.

Also, it appears he has no use for President Trump’s personality or his polices.  Is he a Trump hater?  The reader will have to decide. But as an Army veteran, I believe Trump is already a tremendous success.  (I wonder if Goldberg has served in our military?) 

First, Trump has beefed up the military budget to overcome Obama’s attempt to destroy our military.  Now we know what Obama meant when the stated he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.”  Trump is destroying Obama’s “legacy” one item at a time.

Second, Trump has now secured a five to four conservative Supreme Court.  In eight years of his presidency it will be six to three as the leftist 85-year-old ACLU lawyer who is very sick will probably meet her maker within eight years.  I am not praying for it to happen, but at age 82, I see family and friends are dropping like flies all around me. And what will the three remaining liberal judges do?  I predict at least one of them resigns for obvious reasons.  Now, Trump has a seven to two conservative Supreme Court.  The left will go nuts.

Every thing else he is accomplishing like offshore oil drilling, health care reform — just about eliminating Obamacare — regulations reform, adding conservative judges at lower courts below the Supremes, etc. is simply gravy.

God, life is good… 60 million of us who voted for Trump.  For the 63 million who voted for Hillary, their mental state is questionable.  Sorry about the electoral college set up by our Founding Fathers.

John Messina

East Williston



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