Readers Write: Thoughts and prayers for latest firefighter lost


A FDNY firefighter named Steven Pollard died in the line of duty on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. It is a sad day for the FDNY, and for all of us us who depend on our brave firefighters.

Pollard tried to reach people in a car accident and fell 30 to 50 feet to his death. He comes from a family of firefighters who sought to save property and lives.

A retired firefighter said recently, “At a fire others are running out as firefighters are running in.” Maybe that is why our FDNY firefighters are called the Bravest. Let me also salute all firefighters who risk their lives every time they go to a fire.

At this time, let me offer my heartfelt prayers to Pollard’s family, friends and fellow firefighters who are grieving so much now.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.



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