Readers Write: Time to act against racism


Watching the video from Minneapolis, I couldn’t help but feel that the three policemen who watched George Floyd die were just as culpable as the policeman with his knee on George’s neck.  

But then I started to think that if I was going to assign them blame for their inaction, there are a lot of others who should share that blame.  

 All of us have repeatedly seen how easily black men lose their lives by the wantonly cruel actions of the police.   And yet when have we raised our voices to say “enough?” to demand change by our police commissioners, by our mayors, by our governors.  

Our silence is at least partially responsible for George’s death.   But let us put past inaction aside and let the current moment galvanize us to compel the change that our better angels demand.  

If not now, when?

Dave Golbert

Great Neck


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