Readers Write: Too little too late


In answer to Steven Markowitz’s question. Why is Great Neck Village a hot spot for COVID-19? The answer is simple. We have too many arrogant, selfish, disrespectful, unmasked people walking our village streets, holding large gatherings and rabbis holding services in many backyards.

Plus the summer so called day camps held in private houses and no these are not family members. You don’t charge $25-$50 a day to family!

At the beginning of early summer, I approached Mayor (Pedram) Bral as I watched our figures rise each week, we are now well over 300. His response was, don’t believe it. It’s fake, the numbers are not true (his words). So now the middle of September he quotes “this is something we need to take extremely seriously (too little too late),” so he set up a robo-call to remind residents to abide by the safety precautions.

I didn’t get one nor did many residents I spoke to. Was it just a select few? It is this select few who refuse to wear masks, who go to Steppingstone and give our wonderful gate attendants a hard time.

The ones who walk Hicks Lane, Arrandale, Steamboat and Middle Neck Road with no masks, but make fun of people who do. You cannot shame them, Steven.

But I find it even more troubling that Mayor Bral while cautioning everyone to abide by the safety precautions, holds a village trustee meeting on September 15th without a mask (see photo).

Thank you, Steven, for speaking up but I think it will take a lot more of us to push our mayor into taking serious action now not later before our village goes into lockdown.

Jean Pierce

Village of Great Neck


  1. It sounds like the same never Bral people are back at it. It’s amazing that the same 5 or so people who are against literally everything our mayor has done (remember LED lights??) are now at it again.
    The elections aren’t even for another 9 months.
    Get a life.

  2. If you are walking outside and able to be socially distant, you don’t have to wear a mask: that is the law. It is when you are inside, among others that you don’t live with, that a mask is mandatory. The writer doesn’t understand that.


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