Readers Write: Trump and a new life


Hey Trump supporters. We know you all unite behind this man.

Each and every one of you are each his biggest God-loving fan.

Whatever words flow from his mouth you’re all sure to believe

And he’s proved to you that there’s no way he could possibly deceive,

But many of you went way too far with your terrorist-like raid.

Caused so much fear and destruction and you delighted in the parade.

For participating in such terror, there’s a price that must be paid.

Your penalty? Learn the Constitution. Sit in a class. Repeat third grade.


Open your minds. Don’t be asleep when it’s time to be awake,

When Trump throws out his facts. Tens of thousands are all fake.

You don’t need a college degree to check out what it is he said.

Are you afraid that he lied to you? It’s something that you dread

Because the words he shouts out agree exactly with the way you feel.

You forget that he’s a salesman; his book, The Art of the Deal.

He’s dealt you a pair of deuces. He makes you think you got four of a kind.

He’s so good at what he does: the way he can negotiate your mind.


“I’m just like you” he shouts out. He’s so convincing. Makes you believe.

Like magic, it’s an illusion. With well-prepared words, it’s his way to deceive.

He belongs with your crowd. These days he’s just like you, finding it hard to survive.

His words relate to you, picks you up, causes anger, makes you feel alive.

But he’s not like you, he lives in mansions, more than one across the land.

Step forward if you live like him. Let me see you raise your hand.

Do you play golf at the course you own or stay comfortably at your own luxury hotel?

Staying alive ain’t easy these days. He could care less if your life gets shot to hell.


Yet he’s so good at what he does. Most of us couldn’t do it. It would be so hard.

He gets us to believe his words flow down from heaven. In his mind he is a god.

But the devil is in the details. Bottom line: Look at the trouble he’s left us all

And he blames so many others, friends included. Why should he take the fall?

In case you didn’t know, that’s what his brand stands for. It’s really nothing new.

His motto: Do unto others, he screams out, before they can do it to you.

But it’s not business associates and creditors who he has screwed once again.

It’s WE THE PEOPLE who he has afflicted. Will we survive? If so, when?


People are now demanding answers. The future now still looks pretty dim.

The evidence is overwhelming and the Senate is no longer controlled by him.

But he always seems to escape, whether a major crime or simply but a tort.

He’ll justify his actions then walk away. Many will still give him their support.

Please God, I pray, let him have his day with all his bought-off lawyers in court

Where all his stories, pleadings and offerings will all mean nothing; for naught.

The judge and the jury will not buy another of his once-in-a-lifetime closing sale.

We’ll happily welcome Mr. Trump to his new life and trust he’ll enjoy his stay in jail

And I’ll close the jail door and end this tale by saying; “For you Mr. Trump, No Bail!”

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck


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