Readers Write: Trump critics hypocrites, truth deniers


I was surprised to see two Pro-Trump articles published; one written by Mark Layton and the other one by Eric Spinner.
Usually, there’s only the uber-liberal bias submitted by Karen Rubin and of course, Jerry Kramer. What Mr. Kremer fails to mention in his “Corner” is that political nastiness has been around both here in the U.S. and in other civilized countries for hundreds of years. Also, Mr. Kremer uses the race card when he claimed that the President assaulted “people of color.”

The president’s attack on Elijah Cummings was in direct response to Cummings’ unprofessional attack on one of the President’s picks up before the House. And if you’ve ever been to Baltimore, the president was right on target with his criticism.

I’ve been to Baltimore many times and have seen it myself. The bottom line is that the left simply hates President Trump for beating Hillary and that the president is using social media to his advantage.
The illegal immigration issue is a joke with some on the left saying that the United States, in general, and the president, in particular, caused the problem that he is breaking up families, hurting children and that his policies have led to the death of many immigrants.

In another breath, they advocate abortions up to the baby’s birth.
What hypocrites!

Vic Oliveri
Williston Park


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