Readers Write: Trump critics resort to personal attacks, not truth

Readers Write: Trump critics resort to personal attacks, not truth

I wrote a letter praising Trump in the Sept. 6 issue. A nasty response was published in the subsequent issue.

There must be something in the water in North Hempstead. All my responders cannot just criticize my ideas. They feel the need to insult me personally. This writer insults my reading ability. He says I believe everything Trumps says is out of some form of ignorance on my behalf. He says my own words tell everyone I lack smarts. Since he has no problem insulting me, I feel free to give it back. I do not enjoy writing the following, but he deserves it.

I will now direct my comments directly to him.

Since you did not actually mention my name, I won’t mention yours.

You are a typical, pompous, self-aggrandized, ignoramus and moral reprobate. Why? I will tell you.

I recently had it out with another Great Neck resident. At least he attempted to refute some of what I wrote. But you didn’t even bother to do that. You are so self-absorbed that you don’t even feel the need to respond to the actual letter I composed.

My 25 reasons for Trump support were facts and accomplishments. They were not some sales pitch from Trump as you say. Why don’t you try to challenge them? Here they are. I spoke of the Federal Reserve System, rogue judges nationalizing decisions, government transparency, conservative judges, welfare abusers, the abuse of “sex discrimination” regulations, vetting of immigrants, demanding Mexico cooperate in protecting our border, school vouchers, NAFTA, the White House correspondence dinner, reducing the size of government,

The first-step program, overregulation of housing, Judge Kavanagh, 2nd Amendment rights, the Religious Freedom Alliance, the danger of ANTIFA, the Taxpayer First Act, Twitter canceling an “Angel Mom” account, military funding of the wall, and Representative Cummings. Got it? All verifiable.

Not Trump lies. There is plenty to talk about there. What was your response? Zip. Nothing. Instead of some thoughtful criticism, your letter is nothing but vacuous, self-indulgent bilge. You have as much intellectual depth as my bird feeder.

Instead of responding to my letter, you brought up totally different issues, e.g. the Mueller Report, cages, Nazi Germany. Since you are bereft of the ability to communicate, I will show you how to respond to a letter writer by actually addressing what they say.

I never mentioned the Mueller report. You brought it up out of nowhere. You might be impressed with it. I am not. That report was an unprofessional and unethical disgrace.

Joe DiGenova, who was a United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, can give you the details. Go to and view them. Mr. DiGenova thought Robert Mueller should have been disbarred after submitting such an irrational report. Then type in the search box, “Lionel Nation and Mueller Report.”

Lionel was a prosecutor for a Florida District Attorney. I could say the videos would be educational but then I would be overestimating you. I don’t think your level of comprehension would allow you to understand the implications of the report.

Did you see Mueller’s embarrassing, stumbling, bumbling, testimony before Congress? Were you proud of the author?

Your only attempt to speak to anything I actually wrote was one oblique reference to immigration. It was you who referenced “cages.” Not me.

Well, get this! Trump did not build one cage. Not one. Do I need to repeat that? Not one. All the cages were built and administered under Obama. Let that sink in.

Since you are such a high-minded person, I am sure you would have written letters as to how disturbed you were by those very same cages when Obama was in office for eight long years. Right? Show them to me. I bet there were none. You think you are some moral giant, standing above us all, with your unwavering rectitude. In fact, you have selective outrage only when it is of use politically. You are a deceitful liar exploiting the “caged” for your own ideological reasons. The other comments about Trump are nothing but your own personal hallucinations. Do you want reality? Get some medication.

It might be nice if you ever showed some sympathy towards our border patrol agents who are threatened, shot at, overworked and overwhelmed.

Do you understand what is going on at the border? For you to compare these invaders to Jews fleeing the Third Reich is disgusting in itself. The Mexican side of the border is controlled by the cartels.

No one approaches the border without paying them a “toll.” Who comes? Human traffickers, baby sellers, baby renters, Cuban spies, Arabs (including Al Qaeda), drug dealers, Chinese, Africans, etc. None of them vetted. Thanks for helping subsidize the business of the cartels. I am more impressed with the Supreme Court decision supporting Trump’s asylum policies than anything you had to say.

It should also be said that it is normal procedure to separate children from their parents after an arrest. That is a lawful practice everywhere. Federal, State, and City. I have no idea what your alternative is. Should we throw the children in jail with the parents?

Of course, the last resort, for incompetent polemicists like you, is bringing up “Nazi” Germany. First of all, stop deceitfully calling them by the acronym, Nazis. Call them by what they really are. National Socialists.

According to you, Trump and McConnell are just later versions of Hitler and Goering.

I can’t believe you are not ashamed to write this calumny. It is people like you who degrade the holocaust by diminishing it with your defamatory comparisons to two American officeholders who are nothing like the National Socialists. You are a moral disgrace yourself and an abomination to the memory of the millions slaughtered.


Dr. Wayne Roth

Roslyn Heights

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