Readers Write: Trump has handled coronavirus, rest of job very well


After reading several comments in the Sept. 11 reader’s section, I felt the need to respond.  It seems we have a seer out there somewhere who is capable of reading Donald Trump’s mind.

To quote, “If you think he cares about Israel and the Jews, guess again” was the seer’s comment.

Apparently, this seer does not know that Ivanka Trump is Jewish, along with her husband and children.  She knows nothing about the moving of the  USA Embassy to Jerusalem and Trump’s staunch support for the only real Democracy in the area.

Now, this unknown mind reader has predicted the failure of the recent Israeli and UAE treaty and it seems to really gall her that Trump, of all people, and his representatives have been able to do something that no one else has accomplished since Anwar Sadat.  Several other countries in the area are now following suit.

She has him mixed up with Obama who was no friend to Israel and pandered to the Palestinians every chance he got.

Now let’s address NATO and our allies.  For the first time in my lifetime, Trump has finally gotten other NATO countries to pay their dues as they should have been doing all along.  Not every country is where they should be but it is a start.

Our seer does not seem to know that Obama and Clinton pardoned actual murderers and there is no comparison when it comes to crimes that were pardoned by Trump.

When it comes to lies and Trump, I will not attempt to defend hyperbole, exaggeration and braggadocio but I will not abide hypocrisy, either.

Biden has been lying for over 47 years, he continues to lie today about what Trump said in Charlottesville, about what he, Biden, has planned for this country from day to day, about who is to blame for the riots and mayhem that is going on in this country ( Democratic leadership that has refused Federal help).

I suggest you go to Biden’s website and read about what he has planned for this country. This man, who can’t put two sentences together on any given day without reading them,  has a mind-boggling agenda for turning back the clock and adding radical changes.

Be prepared for rolling blackouts by 2050 because the green new deal is on its way unless he has some trick up his sleeve to replace windmills and solar power.  Going to throw millions of our taxpayer dollars to “improve things”  South of the border. Sound familiar?

And be prepared for the onslaught of illegals, again, as he is going to roll back all the action that was taken to slow it down by this administration.

The hypocrisy continues with “a person who put children in cages” and she doesn’t seem to know that those cages were used by Obama.

Where was she then?  Then there are the sexual accusations.

Both of these men have been named in cases, more hypocrisy.  I suggest she watch Fox news once in a while to learn about what CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the media hide from view.

Then we have a gentleman who wrote that he is “scared” about the coronavirus.

President Trump is tested every day for the virus according to news reports.  He is apparently not worried about catching it himself so he is without a mask much of the time. If he is disease-free, he endangers no one else and that is his choice to make.

Masks are not mandated everywhere. This man seems to think that Trump has not done enough and should have some magic power to stop this yesterday.  I watched the president, under the advice of the experts, mobilize this country to deal with this pandemic.

As an RN with 60 years of experience, there is not one other person out there who could have done a better job with what was known about this virus.

Surely, Biden would have been a catastrophe.  Trump is accused of underplaying it. I watched all involved underplay it from Fauci on down to Pelosi, de Blasio and Biden and we can’t forget Cuomo.

Anyone doubt me? Do your homework. There are reams of videos out there with all their statements written in stone.

Gayle Palmer RN

Williston Park


  1. It is truly astounding that people actually support donald trump. For the life of me I cannot understand how a lying, cheating, narcissist who is responsible for the deaths of thousands due to inaction gets any support. But then, sadly I realize there are many who support his racist view of the world. As long as he puts whites first his supporters will put up with anything.

  2. Ivanka Trump is about as Jewish as Santa Claus. She converted to please her husband, who is another self-serving scoundrel and an embarrassment to the Jews. Not surprising though, considering how his father set up his own brother – oh, never mind. Listen to Trump’s own words telling Bob Woodward how deadly this AIRBORNE virus was in February 2020, and then look at him refusing to wear a mask and encouraging his followers to come sit close together without masks. The man cares for no one but himself and he is literally killing his followers. I don’t understand how anyone can support him.

  3. The results of Trump outweigh the cons. There is just so much blind hatred and ignorance of his policy achievements. Imagine what we could accomplish without the hate, and without illegal surveillance of a campaign, and then a sitting President, by our own. Biden helped incarcerate those black lives that are supposed to matter, and he helped sell us out to China, just ask Hunter Biden. Trump is a reasonable choice given the insulting proposed alternative.


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