Readers Write: Trump haters ignore Mideast peace accords

Readers Write: Trump haters ignore Mideast peace accords

The Trump haters, and that includes the vast majority of our radio, TV and print media, are in the midst of committing an un-American act that is so monstrously despicable, that I can’t find a similar act to compare it to. The Trump haters are almost completely ignoring the recent monumental achievements won by Trump and his administration, when Israel and the United Arab Emirates and then also Bahrain, signed peace accords. Not since 1994, when Israel and Jordan signed a peace accord, has Israel’s relationship with one of its neighboring Arab countries been normalized.

Now, in today’s news (way back, on Page A15 in Newsday), we are told that the Sudan is about to normalize relations with Israel and that President Trump claims that at least five other (Arab Muslim) countries want to “come into the deal.” I’m sure that one of those countries is Saudi Arabia. Yes, the Israel-Palestine problem is yet to be resolved, but the Middle Eastern world is waking up to the fact that Iran poses a much greater threat to it than tiny Israel and a tiny Palestine could ever pose.

Barack Obama, when he was president, was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for no accomplishment that anyone knows of. President Trump’s Mideast peace achievements, just so far, should win him at least a Nobel Peace Prize, encrusted with diamonds and other precious gems. However, our Trump hating media find it impossible to acknowledge those achievements, because it’s anathema for them to say anything positive about Trump, anything at all.

As a result, all Americans, particularly America’s Jewry, will suffer. It’s almost possible to condemn this lack of recognition of the importance of the Israel-Arab peace accords as an anti-Semitic act. Promoting those accords would represent a positive for Israel and for world peace, while not promoting them has the opposite effect. Not promoting the accords implies that Israel has made no progress normalizing its relationship with its many Arab neighbors and that world Jewry still cannot normalize its relationship with the Muslim world.

I fervently hope that millions of Americans will somehow realize what thoughtless damage the Trump haters are doing to our country and to world Jewry.

Joel Katz

Port Washington

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