Readers Write: Trump is a gift to America


This is my fourth letter expressing my gratitude at having President Trump residing in office.

I previously mentioned 72 reasons.  Here are 25 more.

  • The Federal Reserve system, with its central bank and its fractional reserve banking policies is an evil institution. Germany recently issued a 10-year note with a negative yield.  After 10 years, you have agreed to redeem your investment at a loss.             This is insanity. This perversion could only happen with a central bank controlling the currency.  How are pensions supposed to meet their obligations?  We have our own central bank.  Bernanke and Yellen never ruled out negative interest rates for us.  Trump is nominating Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve board.  She has an appreciation for the role of gold as an important part of currency stability.  As it stands now, the government is free to debase the currency and neuter the lifetime savings of hard-working citizens.


  • The Trump administration is now challenging rogue, activist judges. The intention is to bring a case to the Supreme Court challenging the ability of District Court judges to “nationalize” their decisions.  Right now, the 9th District Court in California, has been allowed to apply its force of law to other districts as well as their own.  This District Court has been overturned by the Supreme Court 80% of the time.  In one outrageous decision, this court attempted to suspend the statewide election for California Governor (which eventually was won by Arnold Schwarzenegger) after the Supreme Court intervened.  This will end “judge shopping.”
  • Trump recently appointed two conservative judges to the 9th circuit court.
  • Trump wanted to settle illegal immigrants in Sanctuary cities. I love the idea
  • A White House directive makes government more transparent. Independent agencies with unelected bureaucrats must have decisions reviewed by the White House.  Regulators should not be allowed to operate free of political accountability
  • Wants to make it harder for able-bodied citizens to collect welfare.
  • Obama redefined “sex discrimination” for the Health and Human Services Dept. It defined opposing termination of pregnancy and disagreement over gender identity issues as “sex discrimination.”  Religious groups said it violated their freedoms and thought the new definition was overly broad.  Trump’s HHS is changing the definition back towards the original form.
  • Trump supported ending asylum protections for most asylum seekers who pass through another country before arriving here. They will be ineligible at the U.S. southern border.  They must seek asylum at the first country they enter.
  • The Trump administration has instituted “extreme” vetting for immigrants. This requires visa applicants to show their social media history.  It was first proposed after the massacre in San Bernardino, California.
  • What a pleasure to have a president with guts. We have an immigration crisis at the border because of Congress’ refusal to act and change the asylum laws.  Another contributor is the Mexican government’s negligence and/or outright collusion with the immigrants.  Trump pressured Mexico with the threat of a 5% tariff on all goods if they do nothing to stop the illegal tide.  Mexico complied.  They agreed to put 6000 national guard troops on the border.  They also agreed to build more migrant centers.  Additionally, they froze the bank accounts of 26 human traffickers.
  • Trump supports school vouchers and school choice to replace failed schools controlled by the poisonous public-school teachers’ unions.
  • The new North American Trade Deal has added even more growth to the U.S. economy than what has already been achieved.
  • Trump gutted the White House Correspondents Dinner. It’s about time.  At one time it was enjoyable and funny when Jay Leno’s style was the norm.  Lately, it changed to a bitter and hateful diatribe.  Trump will now have his own dinner.
  • The administration is shrinking the size of the federal government. Government agencies have been merged.  They are also reducing the number of government employees.  More are leaving government employment than are being hired.
  • In a monumentally popular executive order among African Americans, Trump has initiated the “First Step” legislation to help convicts negotiate a better transition to life on the outside.
  • Trump is eliminating obstacles to affordable housing. Overregulation is now responsible for 25% of the total cost of new homes.
  • Many Republican senators told Trump to drop the Kavanagh nomination and move on to another candidate. Trump said NO!
  • I am a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights. The following will not appeal to those who want to confiscate guns from the American citizenry.  Trump has revoked The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  This treaty would have subjected American gun owners to the ministrations of the honest, freedom-loving, U.N. bureaucrats.  Is my cynicism showing?
  • Formed the International Religious Freedom Alliance to protect the human rights of religious people. Christians are the most persecuted people on the planet now, particularly in Muslim countries.  Other religious groups are protected as well.  Pastor Brunson was arrested in Turkey on false charges.  Trump’s pressure on Turkey resulted in his release.
  • Supports Senator Ted Cruz’ proposal to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terror organization.
  • Trump canceled student debt for disabled veterans
  • Signed the Taxpayer First Act. This stops the IRS from confiscating property from a citizen without first filing a criminal charge.
  • Trump got Twitter to restore the account of an “angel mom.” “Angel moms” are mothers who lost children due to the actions of illegal immigrants.  This mother had posted a criticism of Kamala Harris’ immigration positions.
  • Trump got his way with a court decision to allow the military to fund the wall.
  • Representative Cummings of Maryland viciously lambasted the head of the Dept of Homeland Security and his border personnel during a congressional hearing. Trump shoved some of it back in his face by pointing out that things were worse in Cummings own district and he should pay attention to that, instead of political grandstanding.


Dr. Wayne Roth

Roslyn Heights


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