Readers Write: Trump Jerusalem announcement undercuts peace efforts

Readers Write: Trump Jerusalem announcement undercuts peace efforts

Full disclosure here: As a young congressional aide in the 1980’s, I supported my boss’s signature on the constant, inevitable series of Resolutions and other petitions circulated in Congress to support recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital.

So too did New York’s Democratic Members sign off; so too did majorities of both parties in both houses; and so too did the platforms of both major parties throughout the 80’s and beyond support this stance. But, it of course never did happen.

We all knew that it would not. It was a political posture that has meaning.

As a staunch supporter of Israel, there is merit to the argument. As an even more staunch supporter of peace, realism and progress in the region, I cannot see how it can or should ever happen on a unilateral basis.

As I said, Donald Trump is not the first U.S. president to advocate moving the capital.

Yet, Trump being Trump with his prolix propensity to incite, inflame, divide, distract and debase, has really tossed the red meat out this time. All for what? To satisfy the likes of big mega-donors like Sheldon Adelson and supporters like the right-leaning ZOA.

The great avatar of “The Art Of The Deal,” who castigated Obama and Clinton serially over their stupid, dumb” worst ever” deals with Iran, etc., has shown that he is the master of the Art of the Dud .

Wouldn’t it have been smart of this self-crowned ultimate dealmaker to link such a presidential statement with needed concessions by Israel on various settlements constructed in East Jerusalem — condemned by Presidents of both patties?

Wouldn’t it have been smart to leverage such a call with a concrete plan to force the PA to control Hamas violence, and even, possibly, to moderate Hamas’ violent stance (if possible)?

The Great Dealmaker even undercut the newest, greatest diplomat of our times, one Jared Kushner, son-in-law, on his frivolous peace initiatives.

The two moderating voices and minds in this immoderate Administration, Secretary Tillerson and Mattis, both counseled Trump against taking this incendiary stance.

While the stance is incendiary, and may be all bark and no actual bite (movement of the Embassy), Trump being Trump inflames, divides and disables. He is playing with fire here. Let’s hope that by the time this letter sees print, the tempest will have been positively contained.

Jon F. Weinstein


Port Washington

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