Readers Write: Trump plays Robin Hood in reverse


There are a number of things happening these days about which I wish to make my voice heard.

Hopefully I will chose my words and make my points taking up as little space as possible.

The first is regarding the age one becomes an adult being able to make proper decisions.

The best knowledge I know of based on facts is 21 years of age being when one becomes a mature adult.

There are many instances of what is happening to those as young as 16.

The raising of the age for procuring tobacco to age 21 is the realization that at that age one may only then make proper decisions.

The second is with Trump in the White House.

Back during the primaries, a number of people realized that Trump was ‘sleeping’ with Putin.

Recently, though it is being denied, there is much evidence of our government officials having improper communication with Russian diplomats.

The last I saw was about petroleum from which I deduce that Trump as Our President would be profiting tremendously.

We now have the situation with the attempt being made to destroy everything our country and government represents.

As we have witnessed, Trump’s hatred and racism runs so deep that he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to wipe out the Affordable Care Act.

The same has been true for many Republicans in Congress.

This Act was working well until the insurance companies’ greed began ruining it.

Trump is the ‘Hood Robbin’ the poor to give to the rich.

It is clear that he and they have no qualms about bankrupting The People so that they can have more billions.

We The People must stand firm!

Perhaps the time will come when that judge can say: “Guilty as charged! Take him away!” Let him wallow in his gruel.

Third is that once our southeastern states produced so much fabric and textiles. Cotton ad flax are still grown in that area.

This weaving is gone now.

Are these people so helpless?

There have to be many still living who worked in weaving and sewing.

Surely there are still those who could find a loom or two or build them if necessary and get into production locally.

Surely there are those who could at least produce simple items such as bed sheets, table cloths and napkins, etc. to sell locally and keep the money in the community: a local economy without the shipping overseas and back expenses and resulting pollution.

Are these seemingly helpless people those who responded to Trump’s “Make America great again?”

In reality, it would not result in their benefit that he spoke those words.

Fourth is tampering with our First Amendment. There is no need to repeat that we must preserve our freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Fifth: Somewhat on the lighter side are those second rate crossword puzzles.

As an example a clue “Big fat bull” is given and the answer has to be three letters.

One wonders what could it mean. Their answer is bfb. They just make the stuff up.

Are we supposed to be like kiddie school and think it is funny?

Sometimes the clue calls for a noun and the answer is a verb and you name it. They need to study grammar.

There are the Premier Crosswords by Frank A. Longo that are virtually error free.

They always have a theme or sometimes a riddle; quite intelligent.

I can’t imagine how he creates one of those every week.

I heard it said once by someone in the music business that a well known song writer had a crew in the ‘back room’ that wrote the songs. Music for hire is the term.

Perhaps that is how Mr. Longo gets it done.

After this songwriter retired I never heard anything new from him. Perhaps what I heard was true.

Six: While on the subject of grammar, we (in English) have the popular expression gismo  (or gizmo).

We have the word form socialism and the Spanish equivalent is socialismo.

The proper ending for this expression in English would be gism but everyone likes gizmo.

Seven: I notice that the streets in Garden City say 2 hour parking and in Williston Park it is one hour.

That is enough time to have lunch in the Williston Townhouse Diner.

In front of the Williston Park Post Office are three 15-minute parking spaces and a sign saying additional parking in back.

In Mineola every nook and cranny has a parking meter.

In front of the Mineola Post Office one may stop only to put something into the outdoor mailboxes. If one has to go inside to get a stamp, that is illegal. On the east side are seven parking spaces in a lot with no signs.

One day six spaces were full and there were customers inside. Out of curiosity I watched as those customers left. Not one of them went to one of those cars.

I wonder if the employees park there instead of behind the building (where a sign says postal vehicles only) or if those spaces are being rented out ‘ on the side.’

Charles Samek 



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