Readers Write: Trump repeatedly proves he is unfit to be president


In this past weeks issue a letter writer wrote that Donald Trump speaks for the people.  
Lets be clear Trump only speaks for a certain type and segment of the people.  They are not and far from the majority of the American population.  
In the same issue of the paper another letter writer wrote that Trump never lied as an elected or appointed official.  
Let’s be clear again.  
Trump has done nothing but lie from the day he first declared his candidacy.  
He has stated his distorted version of facts and figures geared purely to appeal to the limited number of the people I referred to earlier.  
It never ceases to amaze me how any thinking supposedly intelligent individual could believe and support this narcissistic self serving person.  
His mocking the disabled, his barrage of personal name calling and insults, his record of bankruptcies, his treatment of contractors who worked on his projects, his complete lack of knowledge about the economy, our government and international affairs, and a long litany of other irrational actions which should preclude any person from the presidency.
Yes our choice of candidates in this election may not be the ideal for most of us but can you really seriously think about putting the country in the hands of Donald Trump?  
I for one will be voting for Hillary Clinton because at least I know she is mentally competent.  
I cannot say the same for Mr. Trump.
John F. Nahas
Great Neck


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