Readers Write: Trump supporters, opponents in parallel universes


I have to thank Mary Ellen Scherer for her rebuttal letter. It made my day.

It confirmed what many Americans believe. That there exists in the minds of many Americans that two universes exist looking at the same data and coming to different conclusions.

I stated that it is sad that some American citizens kill other American citizens. Each has a right to live on American soil.  However, American citizens, killed by illegal criminal immigrants, would still be alive if these killers were not allowed to even be in the U.S.

Must we not thank Mayor Comrade DiBlowhard, Gov. Incompetent Cuomo, Gov. Gruesome of California who allow all illegal immigrants to live in America because of their sanctuary city/state policy? The blood of every American citizen killed by these illegal criminal immigrants is on the heads of these jerks.

She said that “supposedly” 10 to 20 million people are here Illegally. Supposedly? Really? Which number does she believes is true and how did she come to this conclusion?  Eight people… two thousand… two million? I’d like to know how many in her universe know the true number.

She implied that I said they are more likely to become murderers.  I never said that.  She did. That is what is “poppycock.” 

I like the way she tried to divert attention away from illegal criminal immigrants and mention “easy access to guns in this country.”  

She mentioned the latest in Illinois.  I believe she is referring to the slaughter of young blacks killing other blacks involved in the drug trade as well as bystanders.

What are her thoughts on how to control gun violence?  Obama’s main man, the mayor — not running again for this office — could not come up with a plan.  Maybe Scherer could advise him since he is a Democrat total failure.

Finally, she does not want my pity.  As a compassionate conservative who lives in a universe of truth and logic, I will continue to try to convince her that my universe is better than hers.

John Messina             

East Williston


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