Readers Write: Trump! You believe what he says.


Trump supporters. You listen to Trump’s own words. You believe what he says, except when you listen to Trump’s own words. Huh? That doesn’t make sense.

You believe or you don’t believe even when it flows through the same mouth. Welcome to Trumpland.

It’s the same type of land where Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Louie, Dewey and Goofy all reside.  They’re both Fantasyland and Trump supporters are like little kids; they believe anything that’s told to them or they won’t. Huh? What’s real?

200,000! That’s real. That’s the number of people who have died so far.

Then you hear something like; “I knew that this was a plague and I knew it early on but, what could I do? What could I do? Play it down. Let people die but, the stock market went up. Let my people thrive. The others? Let them starve or die. Get them back to work. It’s all about the economy. So what if their jobs are gone.  They need money? Sorry. Let’s be real. The forecast ain’t sunny. Rain rain go away.”

Little Donald wants to play, with our lives and with the lives of his own Trump supporters. It’s their lives too. And you believe what he says? Huh?

The end, and if it is, who’s sorry now? Goodbye Trump supporters. So long it’s been good to know you. Heaven on earth? Nah. It’s been more like hell.

The Devil rises from below with smoke and eternal flames. Who can stop it? I guess it pays to believe in a real God. Dear God in Heaven. Help us all, that is unless you too believe what he says. Huh?

Alvin H. Goldberg,

Great Neck


  1. I submit to the readers for information and review some of Biden’s flip flops:
    Abortion, Iraq War, Immigration, Women, Desegregation, Guns, Drugs, Gay marriage, COVID, fracking, defunding police and most recently a Biden Harris administration is now Harris Biden administration.
    Based on his history of flip flopping one can only come to the following conclusion:
    Sadly it appears that Biden does not even believe himself. Therefore, how can his supporters believe him?

  2. Walter, my friend. For argument’s sake let’s say Biden has flipped flopped, as politicians in office long enough usually do. It is still far better than Trump’s lies which any honest, sensible person knows has cost lives.

  3. Roger, do you mean sensible people like those, including you, (below is a quote from one of your earlier comments) who support the Marxist movement known as Black Lives Matter?
    “As a democrat I support the police just as I support BLM. If you do not think supporting both is possible then you are the problem.”
    If you think supporting both police and BLM is possible after viewing the recent assassination attempt of two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officers by a BLM supporter then you are part of the problem. In conclusion, the Democratic Party no longer exists. It has been taken over by combination of anti-American, anti-Semitic Marxists and Bolsheviks. However, I do support the statement black lives matter.

  4. First there is no proof BLM had anything to do with the shooting. But as a trump supporter you don’t need facts. Second, the vast majority of democrats oppose violence, rioting and looting. Third, the Democratic Party is alive and growing. You do realize the majority of voters are democrats, don’t you? And no, you do not support black lives if you are a trump voter.


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