Readers Write: Trump’s lying about Covid-19 is not pro life


President Trump has nominated an ultra-conservative judge, Amy C. Barrett, with three years of judicial experience, to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Supreme Court in addition to the two he has already appointed, even as some people are voting about 20 days before Election Day with Joe Biden leading in the polls. Conservative Fox TV host Sean Hannity accuses Dems of wanting to pack the court, which is what the Republicans now seek to do. Mitch McConnell is chomping at the bit to hold a Republican-dominated Senate vote on this nominee.

When Obama had a nominee for the court months before the next election to replace Justice Scalia, McConnell did not allow a Senate vote!

This ultra-conservative Supreme Court could make a  pro-life decision that would completely overturn Roe v. Wade, ending legal abortion.  And narrow-minded legislators may hold sway, leading to a decision to prohibit it even in cases of incest or rape. Abortion will always be a resort for some unfortunate women. So it would still occur, but in unclean, unsafe situations. Pro-choice voters feel that we cannot judge those who need to maintain employment and see no other option available to them due to lack of financial and family support. This ultra-conservative Supreme Court would not reflect the opinions of the majority of Americans on the abortion issue and other matters.

By the way, it is not pro-life for President Trump to lie to us about the coronavirus , saying repeatedly that it was no more than a flu and to downplay the importance of wearing masks despite the advice of the CDC, saying it was a Democratic hoax. (This was to pacify business interests and maintain stability on Wall Street). His words and example led others not to wear masks at rallies or parties. Incredibly, Trump instead suggested imbibing a disinfectant, and repeatedly suggested taking hydroxychloroquine–discredited as risky by the FDA. His administration apparently tossed the directions on handling a pandemic given them by the Obama administration.

In comparison to other countries, the U.S. toll has now reached seven million cases– many more cases than in other nation, especially when per capita statistics are considered.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to consider a suit against the Affordable Care Act, which makes health insurance possible for 20 million people who never had it, including about 135,000 people with pre­ existing conditions, on Nov 10.  Trump has had four years to provide a different health insurance plan, but has lied that he would do so and provided nothing. His belittling of those who wear a mask and his inability to replace the ACA with an acceptable plan show his disregard for human life. By the way, Biden’s plan is to add a public health insurance option to the ACA, not to get rid of private insurance.

It is not pro-life to withdraw access to healthcare from millions of Americans. Liberals tend to believe in health care as a human right. We are not irreligious, by the way. We attend temple, church or mosque and pray for our families, friends, and others just as conservatives do. We teach not hate and exclusion, but the “Golden Rule” — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Another issue with a conservative Supreme Court: Judge Barrett, is supported by organizations funded by billionaire businessman Charles Koch. Koch uses his influence through numerous lobbyists, think tanks, university programs, and political activists under the umbrella of Americans for Prosperity, which supports the prosperity of corporations and the wealthy. Fostering and training young judges since the 1990s, he and his brother gave $6 million to the Federalist Society, which recruits conservative judges, supports Republicans who vote to confirm conservative judges. This leads to rulings that turn over regulations that protect our environment like the Chevron deference decision won by the Natural Resources Defense Council in 1984. Koch aims to target many other regulations that protect our land and water in coming lawsuits.

Actually, the Supreme Court does not just interpret law, but is powerfully poised to weaken or kill regulations that we deem important to Americans’ well-being. Keep this in mind as you vote in November.

Carol Kharivala

New Hyde Park


  1. You must really be upset with Governor Cuomo who is personally responsible for the deaths of at least 6,000 NYS nursing home patients. But you probably have no knowledge of that fact since you appear to get your information from the psychopathic lying Goebellists of CNN, MSN, NYT and the Washington Post.


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