Readers Write: Trump’s orders hasty, ill-considered


In just one week after his inauguration, Trump (and I hesitate to use his title) has managed to sign several executive orders hastily to fulfill his ill-considered promises.

Certainly he had not thought of the impact they surely were to have. Indeed, we can deduce that this careless power-besotted man still has no regard for careful planning or consideration of the consequences.

I write this on Saturday the 28th after watching the consequences of the travel ban and the entry of refugees from seven Muslim countries.

Many are people who had helped our troops in Iraq.

According to Trump, we would be admitting intensely vetted applicants, but their entrance was blocked because plans had not been prepared for an orderly process.

Officials still are confused about the provisions; it had gone into effect immediately upon being signed, and cast a wide net.

It covers people who already have green cards and with the technical complexities, they may have to be vetted again.

Emphasis on immigrants was misplaced; damage done by them is negligible; we should concentrate on immigrants who are willing to report suspicious activity by those in their midst.

Communication with the media and the responsible agencies was left to the last possible moment.

It covers seven Muslim countries, but not Saudi Arabia, the origin of most of the 9/11 plotters, nor several other Muslim countries.

If Trump does business with a Muslim country, its nationals are not being vetted.

Trump claimed it was not prejudiced against Muslims, but Christians will have less trouble.

The inexperienced authors of this plan do not understand that our troops in these areas will be distrusted and will be in greater danger and lose cooperation from the populace.

U.S. cities that refuse to round up law abiding undocumented individuals are being threatened with loss of federal aid.

Another executive order Trump signed regards the building of his favorite beautiful wall that will be paid for by Mexico.

The actual signing of that document convinced the President of Mexico to cancel the projected visit in Mexico next week.

Of course, Trump announced it had been cancelled, “by mutual consent.”

Now that media have decided that henceforth when we catch him in a lie, we can say “ He lied.”

Fortunately lawsuits are already being filed to delay new orders, and nominated cabinet secretaries are being closely examined; no more polite tolerance of “alternative facts” by the media.

And journalists are fighting the proposed move from the White House, surely presidential revenge.

There is news of monitors being assigned to various agencies to weaken processes and tattle if staff are somehow resisting new orders, and monstrous Steve Bannon has been added to the National Security Council to bring the political emphasis of GOP views.

Frightening reminders of history.  Truly stomach churning.

A not so subtle hint: this morning, Turner Classic Movies was showing a Nazi movie. Can we expect more very interesting films?

And to top off the ignorant federal announcement of Holocaust Remembrance Day last week, it did not mention that it commemorates the suffering of 6 million Jews.

Many others suffered but the Holocaust was initiated to rid the world of all Jews.

No limit to ineptitude or subconscious intolerance.

Esther Confino

New Hyde Park


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