Readers Write: Turano the right person for village justice in Munsey Park

Readers Write: Turano the right person for village justice in Munsey Park

I have been a Munsey Park resident since 1984.  I have known Mr. John Turano, Esq. since our undergraduate days at St. John’s University.

Mr. Turano excelled academically at the University both on the undergraduate and Law School level.  He was also an excellent student at Bishop Loughlin High School in Brooklyn.

Since 1988, I have utilized the professional services of Mr. Turano.

Upon referral, he has helped many of my professional clients in the area of trusts, estate planning, elder care and guardianships.

In each of these relationships, he has treated clients with the utmost professional, ethical and respectful services.  His expertise in these areas cleared difficult hurdles for these clients.

Mr. Turano has utilized his legal expertise and talent while serving as the village justice for Munsey Park.  His professional expertise has facilitated a positive experience for defendants.  They were afforded fair, timely and respectful treatment.

The re-election of Mr. Turano will ensure the Village high-quality professional services for residents and non-residents.  The Village will also have on its staff an attorney who is focused on continual improvements in the rendering of its legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

Please vote on March 20 for John Turano as Village Justice and Jennifer Noone and Anthony Sabino as Village Trustees.

Stephen Conroy

Munsey Park


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