Readers Write: Unfair to link Sater to Port Washington Chabad


I have been a secular Jew and a member of the Port Washington Chabad for more than five years. Yes, Felix Sater has been a member there as well. And as a secular Jew, he was a contributing member donating a Torah in his father’s memory.

However, he like I was not active in policy or control.  We both contributed based on our ability to give to our synagogue.  Felix was a businessman who enjoyed lucrative deals just like other businessmen.  None of his dealings had anything to do with his contributions or infrequent participation in Chabad activities.  The fact that your paper always includes his participation as a member of Chabad had nothing to do with our Jewish religion or our Chabad.

Must you always mention it as an add-on, almost indicating that Chabad had something to do with his dealings? You constantly point out his inclusion as though that was bad. I certainly hope that the national media’s linking him to Chabad had nothing to do with the May 1 attack on the synagogue in California.

Shame on You!

Dr. Barry Jason

Port Washington


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