Readers Write: Once unthinkable, war with N. Korea now possbile

Readers Write: Once unthinkable, war with N. Korea now possbile

The Chinese, like everyone else with the possible exception of Trump, know that an all out nuclear war would be the end of the world.

I am assuming that there are controls in place to prevent Trump from using nuclear weapons. I have to believe that. 

I am convinced that the Chinese also consider the nuclear option off  the table.

Why then are the Chinese seemingly reluctant to put significant pressure on North Korea?

Wouldn’t it be nice, the Chinese speculate, if the entire Korean peninsular were communist. How  can this be  achieved? 

Perhaps Trump will unwittingly help us  achieve this goal, they muse? (For appearance sake China  has agreed to  apply some pressure but I am not at all convinced that the Chinese  will follow through).

China  is not pleased seeing American military presence in South Korea, as we weren’t either  when  the Russians put missiles in Cuba.

Thus  the Chinese are hoping that our unstable  leader will make some  non-nuclear military mistake  against North Korea. 

Whatever damage it may cause, it won’t  be enough to prevent North Korea’s  Army from entirely occupying South Korea.

They have the fourth largest standing  army in the world.  The 40,000 or so American troops  stationed in South Korea would be taken prisoner and subsequently used as bargaining chips for their release.

All this may seem far fetched. Were it not  for our irrational president  i would never have considered writing this article.

Theodore Theodorsen


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