Readers Write: Volunteering a rewarding experience

Readers Write: Volunteering a rewarding experience

April 15-22 is National Volunteer week and is a time to help those in need.

I find volunteering to be a most rewarding experience.

I myself am grand knight of St.Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911, in Douglaston and my members and myself are involved in many charitable activities which include running blood drives.

There are many civic, religious, community, and political groups in need of volunteers. There are the sick, elderly, youth and poor who need help.

Also, there is a need for volunteers at food pantries and food kitchens not to mention a need for blood donations all year round.

The internet and local newspapers have a list of these groups that are local where you can volunteer.

We have many in our communities who are in need of your kindness and help.

So be all you can be, even if only a few hours a month. And those you will help will be glad that you did.

Frederick R.Bedell Jr.


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