We are writing to urge you to Vote “Yes” on Tuesday, May 15 to support the proposed budget for the Port Washington School District.

This is a budget that truly addresses the needs of a growing enrollment within the tax cap.

Our family moved to Port Washington a few years ago.

We couldn’t be happier watching our two boys grow up and experience their childhood as part of a great community. A lot of their success has to be attributed to the Port Washington schools, where they spend most of their time during the year.

Over the past two-plus years, my wife has been involved as a parent volunteer at Manorhaven Elementary School.

In her role, she witnesses first-hand the tireless efforts of the administration and faculty to ensure that our schools’ curriculum is outstanding.

For me, I see the results of these efforts in our children’s respective continued growth.

Still, we know that the only way for our schools to succeed is to have access to proper funding. The proposed budget will allow the schools to add the much-needed staff, while staying within the tax levy limit.

If the proposed budget passes, the addition of both teachers and administrators will only make our schools that much better and set our children up for success.

We will gain a 6th grade teacher at Weber, an elementary special education teacher, an associate administrator of literacy for grades 3-5, a high school teacher (math), and a bilingual kindergarten teacher (if needed).

We should expect and want greatness from our teachers and students.

So please vote yes on May 15 to continue to provide our children with the necessary skills and tools to exceed our expectations.

In contrast, if the budget fails, our district will be faced with more than $4 million in cuts. This would be devastating to our children’s education.

Howard and Sara Raber

Port Washington

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