Readers Write: We all need to follow social distancing policy


Taking exercise walks around town it has been heartening to see that most of our residents are heeding the wise advice of our national government and staying indoors; and when they venture out, they are keeping a safe social distance between themselves and others.  We are doing the right and smart thing.

We should all stay with this program.

The recent recommendation to continue to remain indoors until the end of April and avoiding contact with others as much as possible seems to be both prudent and necessary.  Worldwide reporting of the spread of this as yet incurable virus is at a minimum growing and at worst possibly under-reported by several countries.

During this stressful time, our committee decided to add as much helpful information, suggested guidelines and tips as possible to our website, (www,

Please keep yourselves informed and stay safe.  Once we’re well past the crest of medical necessity, we’ll have time to address other matters of concern.  Our sincerest prayers go out to all as we look forward to better times ahead.

Leonard Katz

Revive Great Neck Plaza


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