Readers Write: We need to help our homeless veterans

Readers Write: We need to help our homeless veterans

It has just come to my attention about the many homeless veterans on Long Island and in the city. As reported, there are a number of reasons for homelessness of our veterans who have fought and served our country with honor and dedication to duty.

The reasons some are living on the streets is because of extreme shortage of affordable housing, lack of family and a livable income, and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse and depression.

I feel more needs to be done, although there are programs out there helping veterans. I, for one, can feel their pain. I had served in the U.S Navy during the Vietnam era and upon release from my military service in 1975, I found myself homeless and panhandling in the town of Hempstead where I once lived and asking for spare change for food.

Due to the kindness of a stranger named Cyril who migrated from Nigeria, I was offered a room and a chance to get on my feet. There are many veterans today who are not so lucky.

Our government needs to do more nationally and locally. Remember these veterans have served the greater good preserving the freedoms we all enjoy today and deserve help for all they have done for America. Finally, may God bless our veterans who have given so much.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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