Dan Debono is a former Navy Seal who served our country faithfully with honor and distinction.

He is not a career politician. Like his grandfather, father and brothers he has served with honor in our military. He has over 20 years experience in the military and private financial institutions.

It is imperative to stop the culture of career politicians and drain the swamp. A vote for his opponent means that Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House!

Or can you imagine Eliot Engle becoming the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

Think about Jerrold Nadler becoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Even worse, can you imagine Maxine Waters becoming chairwomen of the House Financial Services Committee!

These are the same individuals who have promised that on the day they become the majority they will unleash investigation after investigation on the president, vice president, his cabinet and anyone who stands in their way.

They have promised to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump, Vice President Pence and Justice Kavanagh.

These individuals have promised to stop the Government from functioning. They have joined the chorus of Democrats who have stated; “When they go low, we will kick them, this is the new Democratic Party”, “Civility can only begin again if Democrats win back the Senate or House,” to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration wherever they are, they are not welcome anymore anywhere.”

There has been no public statement from career politician Congressman Suozzi disavowing their rhetoric or even criticizing it. In fact his silence has become deafening. I remember the Democratic Leaders of my youth, President John F Kennedy and Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson.

They would not recognize the Democratic Party of today. The Democratic Party has gone so far to the left that it does not represent the Ideals that made America great.

All you have to do is look at the far left radicals and socialists who they have running for office. This is why I am voting for a true American hero like Dan DeBono for Congress.

Jack Lipsky

Great Neck

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