Readers Write: Wiesenfeld turns good people against good people


Great Neck, like our country, has become divided both by political and religious interests, led by the self-proclaimed Pied Piper Jeffrey Wiesenfeld. Wiesenfeld leading the band in opposition of all those that oppose his opinions on both politics and religion, is bent on destroying anyone and everyone who does not agree with him. He relishes the idea that it’s his way or the highway.

Well, I have enjoyed this community for almost three-score years and never have I seen a community so divided. We came to Great Neck with common interests in education, in beauty, location, neighborhood safety; yet we have a man who distorts the truth, corrupts the minds of many to turn good people against good people, friends against friends telling us how we should practice our faith our religion.

Wiesenfeld’s observance of our common faith violates the very principle of Jewish law. We shall not speak disparagingly of others, violating Halacha. He poisons the minds of good people with his corrupting thoughts. He purports to have the only good thoughts and the only way that one should believe. This self-righteousness is the poison. He has created trepidations and fear; he is not a problem solver but a problem maker.

Charles Schneider

Great Neck


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