Readers Write: Wrong diagnosis of Great Neck Plaza


Mr. Kaiden sounds sincere but the diagnosis of what he sees as reasons for Great Neck’s decline seems off the mark.

There are plenty of new apartments being built here, and until the pandemic, new restaurants opening. The phenomenon of closed stores is not the result of underdevelopment but sadly, changes at large in our economy that for one favor virtual shopping, and perhaps also a citizenry that doesn’t support local businesses well enough.

A community that is well run and engages with the needs of its

citizens is what makes for a desirable place to live.  Simply overdeveloping is no substitute for this— and yes, quality of life here, on this thin strip of land, is adversely compromised by congestion — whether that’s classroom size or traffic and parking conditions, let alone most importantly! environmental impacts and concerns.

Dorothy Shaw

Village of Great Neck



  1. Dorothy has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. The economics are clear, we have real estate developers that want to pour money into great neck to redevelop neglected properties on middle neck road to allow for higher quality multifamily and retail but people like Dorothy get in the way and force these properties to sit in anguish for years. Look at the La Pizzeria building, absolutely in shambles! Why!? Because of people who are anti development like Dorothy.

    Look at all the young couples that want new rental product in great neck but can’t find any. The Lalezarian building on great neck road has a wait list. But go ahead Dorothy please keep telling the world that congestion is the problem.


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