Readers Write: Wu backers violated Memorial Day observance


I attend the Great Neck Memorial Day Parade every year to show my support to our armed forces and respect and thanks to our country’s veterans.

I was stunned to see people campaigning for James Wu at the Memorial Day tribute ceremony.  Memorial Day is a solemn occasion.  Wu’s campaign used it opportunistically to turn attention to himself and away from those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.

That’s not what we do here in Great Neck.

Daniel Rahmani

Great Neck


  1. Daniel Rahmani, your comment is racial discrimination to the best. Memorial Day is a solemn occasion to support to our armed forces, irrespective the color of our skin, our ancestry and our origin. It is a national holiday, celebrated by all who would like to pay tribute to those soldiers who had fought to protect the freedom and democracy that we enjoy today. Are you saying that it can only be celebrated by those who had fought in the war?


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