Readers Write: Yakaitis, Dunning offer Munsey Park open government

Readers Write: Yakaitis, Dunning offer Munsey Park open government

We are endorsing Nathy Yukaitis and Brian Dunning for trustees in the Village of Munsey Park.

We feel that they both will fulfill the duties of trustees to uphold the code, always keeping the residents and our beautiful village in mind.  

The current board does not follow the Open Meetings Law, which has very clear rules regarding agendas, minutes, the conduct of monthly meetings and public input.

We attend these meetings on a regular basis and are shocked at how poorly the residents are treated by members of the board.

Their meetings have one item on the agenda, then they go into Executive Session.

When and where are the minutes, the building inspector report, the police report, the justice report approved? Why are they not part of the agenda?

We love Munsey Park and feel that Nathy Yukaitis and Brian Dunning will see that it remains the unique community it is.

They will govern fairly, kindly, and with dignity. They will ensure that the Open Meetings Law will be observed, that the community and the local media will have the prescribed access to the agenda and the minutes in a timely manner, and that there will be a public discussion time set aside at each board meeting for resident input.

We have served the village for over 35 years under various mayors – Deborah as trustee, deputy mayor, chair of the Zoning Board, and the tree committee; George as a member of the Building Advisory Committee.

Please vote for Nathy and Brian on March 20, at the village hall.

George and Deborah Miller

Munsey Park

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