Readers Write: You’re joking. Right?

Readers Write: You’re joking. Right?

A rebuttal to Helen Jaeger of Willison Park (Aug. 3, 2018, Great Neck News)

As I read your letter, I sit here baffled about your statement, “How refreshing it would be to read weekly articles relating positive news about our president instead of columnists who do nothing but bash and complain!”

Perhaps if there was some positivity you would see those articles- just sayin’!

I also was taken back at the fact that you stated the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”….hmmmmm, seems like the president should be reading and abiding by that statement – don’t ya think?

Perhaps if people would stop watching Fox News, take off those tight, red baseball caps and start listening to real facts, they would understand why so many people feel that Trump is not doing a great or even good job.

He is filled with narcissism, lack of common sense and basically just spews whatever nonsense is on his mind (with no regard to real facts).

He is indeed a bully, yet what a joke, his wife is against bullying. I can go on and on but find that at this point it is not worth it.

So in closing – Let’s Make America Great (not Irate4) Again – let’s go back to the pre-Trump days when you woke up every morning not fearful of what the ramifications were going to be from an overnight Tweet or something ridiculous the President did or said the day or days before.

Can’t make this stuff up Oh wait, unless you are Trump!

Linda Katz

Great Neck


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