Readers Write: In-ground pool can have major impact on neighbors


Installing a large pool of any kind is a substantial project—one which may have a major impact on one’s neighbors. The first thing that comes to mind is what happens if the pool should develop a leak. If the neighboring properties happen to be downhill of the property in question, there is a good chance that serious flooding will occur as the water flows downhill. Such flooding could take place as well if the pool owners do not know (or care) how to properly drain their pool.

Flooding alone is not the only issue. Almost every pool has chlorine in it. As we all know, chlorine is a poison and if not properly dealt with, it can do serious damage to surrounding soil, plants and animals. Chlorine may splash into a neighbor’s yard when children are playing in the pool. Chlorine also has a very noticeable odor, which can disturb neighbors, even it is dealt with properly.

Another potential intrusion relating to pools is the likely installation of bright lights, which are very likely to shine onto the neighboring properties at night. Another probable result of installing a pool is the destruction of trees and other flora. Aside from having a negative impact on the environment and on the beauty of a particular property, the loss of trees can have a serious negative impact on neighboring properties as well. Many homes are provided with shade and protection from the wind by trees on their neighbors’ properties.

Let’s remember that most of the properties in the Village of Great Neck are small—houses are very close to one another. This is not Kings Point. Any large project such as a pool installation will be very readily noticeable to all neighbors and may have various impacts on their ability to enjoy their own backyards. If something should go wrong, you can guarantee that the neighbors will sue the pool owner and the village as well.

If you agree with me that swimming pools should go through a rigorous review process, and that neighbors should be informed right at the start, please log into the Village of Great Neck Zoom meeting on June 2, at 7:30 p.m.. The link should be available on the Villages web site. If you can’t log in, please write in to this paper, and to the mayor and trustees. Post your views on Facebook. Our voices need to be heard!

Amy Glass, Ph.D.

Great Neck, NY


  1. This letter is incomplete–the first two paragraphs have been omitted! Here they are:
    It is my understanding that Mayor Bral intends to pass a new law that will make it possible for VGN residents to install in-ground (or above-ground) pools in their backyards needing only the approval of the Building Department. This is totally inappropriate and undemocratic. It is yet another example of the Mayor undercutting the important roles of our other Village committees—the BZA, the Planning Board, and the Architectural Review Board.
    If this law is enacted, there will be no need to put the project on any Village agenda. Neighbors will not be given any advance notice—they’ll have no opportunity to raise questions and objections. Of course, there will be no oversight by our other Village committees, which is especially important for this type of project.
    Amy Glass

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