Readers Write: Right to choose ignores the potential person


I do not know about you, but after reading and hearing about abortion in this newspaper and elsewhere, I am so happy that my parents decided to have me 78 years ago!

Then I thought that each of us is a miracle because there where an infinite amount of bumps in the road that could have derailed you ever having a chance of becoming you.

Consider my situation: My dad’s dad when he learned that the girl he wanted to marry was being taken from Sicily to America by her two brothers, he decided to follow them. 

But, he had no lira. 

He first went to France to work, then on to Algeria to make more money and he did make it to America. He did marry her, lived in Bay Shore and finally moved to Queens.

My mom’s mom had many children. My mother had a twin, who died at birth.  My mom was born in Philadelphia and her family moved to Queens. My mom and dad met each other in Queens. Lucky for me. 

Can you imagine what sequence of events that could have occurred that would have prevented me from ever existing? 

What events that could have happened to individuals decades ago that could have broken the links that led to me being born? The mind boggles.

Another example of each of us being born: Although I played high school baseball and basketball, I was the worse swimmer on this planet. 

In fact, since my school had a graduation requirement that one had to “swim 80 yards in good form,” I didn’t. 

The penalty was that the headmaster would not sign my diploma and it is proudly framed and mounted on my office wall.

I learned [and one of you can confirm same] that when the millions of sperm swim up the fallopian tube to fertilize the waiting egg, how did I, an untalented swimmer, beat all the other sperm? 

They must have really been terrible. But, wait. I learned that the egg was like a M&M candy that had a surface that was eroded by the sperm until an opening happened. 

The next one who saw the opening, jumped in and became you and me. Thus, the smartest of all the sperm became us.

Which leads me to abortion. Since Roe v. Wade, over 50,000,000 have been murdered.

Yes , murdered simply because two selfish people decided to have sex without protection and when it didn’t work a birth happened  [Please don’t tell me about the protection that failed!].

 And then you have an organization that sells the aborted parts for profit and only undercover videos show them laughing when they discuss this hideous profit oriented organization.

A young couple I know can’t have children. 

They now have two young children, a boy and a girl, when another man and woman had two children and put the brother and sister up for adoption as each one was born! 

Thank God, they didn’t abort.

Another young couple adopted a young girl when unwed mother, on drugs who had another child and put the second child up for adoption. 

The young child had to be treated for her mother’s drug problem.

The abortion lovers talk only about the woman’s rights to control  her body

They never have concern about the potential person that is a person at the instant of conception.

John Messina

East Williston


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