Reader’s Write: Tamarin opponents lack needed experience

Reader’s Write: Tamarin opponents lack needed experience

Commissioner Ruth Tamarin is seeking re-election to the Great Neck Park Board after 15 years of distinguished service to our community.  

Her record of accomplishments includes major renovations and improvement of our park facilities and programs, as well as careful management of the park district’s budget. 

Mrs. Tamarin has shown us a careful and cautious approach to the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. Commissioner Tamarin has the confidence of the community and, in my opinion, strongly merits another term in office.

 In contrast to Commissioner Tamarin’s established track record in serving her community, the two opposing candidates, having no track record of their own, have given no specific indications of what proposals they would offer, what they would change, or how they would promote fiscal responsibility.  

In fact, one candidate is spending many, many thousands of advertising dollars to promote his name while promising to make A Great Neck Parks [email protected] 

This promise refers in unspecified ways to unspecified changes that would involve a very wide range of park district programs. 

Clearly, in my opinion, such changes would require much increased levels of park spending and with that an elevated level of taxes. 

One can only wonder where he is heading. I strongly believe that Commissioner Tamarin is our best bet for continued sound and reliable stewardship of our priceless park assets.  

I urge all park district residents to come out and vote for Commissioner Tamarin on Tuesday, Dec. 10.


 Leon Korobow

Great Neck

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