Reader’s Write: Tamarin’s re-election crucial for park district

Reader’s Write: Tamarin’s re-election crucial for park district

Park district residents must re-elect Ruth Tarnarin

We have lived in Great Neck for 47 years and have witnessed many changes in the town. Buildings have been demolished and replaced with larger ones, sidewalks have been repaved with brick, schools and one movie theatre have closed to be replaced by an art center and a senior center, etc. etc. 

However, one of the most significant changes that have elevated the quality of life of all our residents is the current state of the facilities of the park department. For many years the parks were nice, (not great) and continued to remain unchanged.

However, during the tenure of Ruth Tamarin there has been an explosion of improvements and modifications 10 all the facilities so that our parks are now the envy of every other park district .

Thanks to the forward thinking, dedication,  relentless drive and `feminine touch” of Ruth, we now have a modern pool with a lazy river and with many facilities for kids and adults. 

We have magnificent plantings in an enlarged Steppingstone Park and higher quality super summer concerts. 

Every park has been upgraded with the latest playground equipment and enhanced with a colorful display of floral beauty. We could go on and on.

We cannot afford to lose the services of this multi talented hard working individual and we must ail come out on Dec. 10 and vote to re-elect Park Commissioner Ruth Tamarin. 

Not to do so, would be a serious loss to our community.

Ronnie and Vic Beecher

Great Neck

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