The homeowner voter power bill

The homeowner voter power bill

I’m asking for help, I want to inform you about the threat school districts are to actual homeowners. As a homeowner, I own my home completely free of debt.

However, I have demanded transparency and accountability from the Franklin Square school district. Since I moved here in Franklin Square for the past 8 years the school budget continuously passes.

I believe as a taxpayer I should have the right to count the votes and stop the re-vote protocol practices and I’m asking you for help to make these changes happen. A school district can easily apply a lien on a home if payment is not made.

Lawyers and school administrators work both collectively and proactively in making sure their interests are met. But the only name I see on my deed is Kevin Sabatino. The school districts and its handlers are a dangerous fiscal threat to homeowners. The school district budget voting system is rigged and is riddled with conflict of interests, its about time things change.

The Franklin Square School district is a threat to my home ownership. I moved to Franklin Square in 2013, for 8 years this school district always passes the school budget. The school district has a re-vote protocol, when a budget fails they have a re-vote and pass the budget. This is not American.

This is selfish, greedy, and what’s in it for me kind of attitude. This bizarre and abnormal school district protocol threatens actual homeownership. I’m asking you to help end this corrupt practice.

The school district clearly is unable to stay within a budget. Its always going up. I made my sacrifices and achieved actual homeownership. Yet, school districts will apply a lien on homes if payment is not made.

Is the Franklin Square school district the secondary owners of my section block and lot? A school budget should remain in budget. The school district is fiscally irresponsible, as technology advances it shows no effect in lowing school taxes.

There is a collective effort by both the lawyers and school administrators to construct re-vote protocols to benefit themselves. This would resemble the behavior of a sociopath.

There is an organized effort by the school district to not allow the public to review budget vote ballots. Recently, I made a request with the Franklin Square school district clerk, to review the recent mail-in ballots. That request was denied.

The mail-in ballots are in the possession of the Franklin Square school district. As a taxpayer, I should be able to review this public information. I want transparency and accountability.

The entire school budget voting system is flawed. The mail-in ballots instructed voters to mail back ballots to the school district. These ballots are counted by the school district and by hired hands by the school district.

This is an absolute conflict of interest. Who’s to say those who are hired are friends and family of the school district. Ballots were mailed to voters in both English and Spanish, who’s to say that a voter may have voted in both English and Spanish and was counted by the same hired hands who have an obvious intention to pass the budget.

I want transparency and accountability. The availability of ballots should be easily open for public review.

There must be a new approach on how voters cast their ballots. It should be based on the criteria of the name on the tax levy school bill which correlates with the section block and lot.

The only residents who should be voting are those whose name is printed on the school tax levy bill. Basically, the only voters are those who possess a deed.

Voters can cast their ballots online, entering both user name, password and section block and lot or by mail. The voting processes would be completely transparent. For example, if the school district proposed a 2 percent budget increase this is how it happens.

Either by mail, online or physically going to the school district voting location. A voter will enter their name and section block and lot, if they agree to the 2 percent that will reflect on their tax levy bill.

If they vote no, taxes remain the same, if they choose to reduce their school taxes they file a SCAR petition. Those who are indifferent and choose not to be proactive automatically pay the increased amount. This system would encourage homeowners to take an active role in the possession of homeownership over the tyrannical school district voting system.

Nassau County board of elections supplies the school district with registrar voters. Franklin Square has a census of roughly 32,000 people.

Out of the 32,000 people, those homeowners who receive school tax levy bills should only be the ones able to vote. Again, only deed owners can vote. I’m reaching out to you to sponsor this as a bill “The Homeowner Voter Power Bill”

It is important to encourage the idea that actual homeownership has a voice and more power over the school district. Again, the voting reform should allow only homeowners whose names are on the tax levy bills to vote.

Renters and children do not have a right to uptick votes on behalf of school district interests. The out of control effects of both fiscal handling and re-vote protocols have an adverse effect on the pockets of actual owners of homes.

The power of homeownership becomes more real rather than artificial.

Kevin Sabatino

Franklin Square

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