The tale of the city and country that was

The tale of the city and country that was

From hustle and bustle and all that was good, where once the golden door of opportunity stood.
Now empty floors, boarded stores, which were once the envy of the world.
From penthouses to tenthouses. The street is the modern latrine.
From luxury to misery. Urine and feces remain, if not flushed away by the rain. A mayor who is hiding his real Aryan or German (Wilhelm) name. Is it for shame?
He supported Nicaragua and its Socialistas, who were very far from being Pacifistas.
The mayor’s wife runs a charity organization with $800 million for mental health. She has a staff of 14, and gone is all the gelt. She probably added it to her and the mayor’s wealth.
Meantime city employees by the thousands are fired quick as a flash because the city is strapped for cash.
We must return to a city governed with honesty, truth, and pride, with fair rules we can all abide.
My humble wish applies to our entire great nation, dealing with the repercussions of an election result confiscation.
How do I know there was an election fix?
When less becomes more and more becomes less. The real winner is now the loser, and the real loser is now the winner.
Cleaning up this mess is so very urgent. Will the Supreme Court act like a cleaner and detergent?
It’s time to step to the plate and enforce the rule of law – rescind the illegal count which we all saw.
We must demand the rebirth of the city and country that was. Start by draining the swamp and locking up the criminals, since we have probable cause.
If we don’t, we will be left with a man who treats the office like a revolving door, between China, Ukraine, and the U.S. his family keeps receiving more and more. What does the Biden name stand for?
Bewildered. Incompetent. Deranged. Eerie. Nebbish.
Please God – sllow President Trump to save the country which we all love and cherish.

Yitzchak M. Pipik
Port Washington

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