Reader’s Write: Town Dems ignore problems, pick cronies


When are the residents of the Town of North Hempstead going to wake up ? 

Why do so many of them only get upset when transgressions of their opponents are uncovered ? Will they ever realize that the only way we can have a government that works really well for us, is if we hold both parties up to the same high standards.  

Did you ever have the “pleasure” of attending one of the Town of North Hempstead’s monthly meetings?  

Well, I just did. And so did a standing-room crowd of our neighbors. My advise? I’ll think twice before I go again. 

But, definitely bring your own breakfast ! It’s a marathon !

I watched in utter disgust as:

1- the Democratic board members, who had met in secret with others in their own party, had their own hand-picked candidate, who would replace a board member who had just resigned.

2 – it took hours for the board to finally discuss the issue of the contaminated water supply in Roslyn and the $20 million it was going to take for the Roslyn Water District to, perhaps, solve the problem. 

By the way, they were going to “solve” the problem even though they still haven’t determined exactly how these contaminants got into the water supply in the first place! Brilliant move!! 

Treat before you even diagnosis the problem.

3 – This Democratically ( with a capital D) controlled board, in the most arrogant and uncaring way, totally ignored the tax-paying, New Castle home owners, and their huge problem of illegal housing, even though it has resulted in a overcrowding of their neighborhood schools. 

By the way, isn’t zoning and illegal housing the sole responsibility of North Hempstead, not New Castle? 

Judi Bosworth , the town’s new supervisor, should have ordered an immediate investigation into the matter. Would she have allowed this illegal behavior in Sands Point or North Hills? I doubt it! 

Would this go on in an election year? Are you kidding?

Want to hear more of their shenanigans? Her name is Kim Kaiman. 

Does that last name ring a bell ? It should. One month ago her husband, North Hempstead’s town supervisor, Jon Kaiman resigned.  

Who do you think his successor, Judi Bosworth appointed as North Hempstead’s $78,000 dollars a year, deputy commissioner of finance? None other than Jon  Kaiman’s wife, Kim Kaiman!  

Was she the best candidate? Who knows? Or, was it just another example of the cronyism, paybacks, and political favoritism that has been a trademark of Nassau County politics for years?

His name is Peter Zuckerman and by all accounts, he is a pretty good guy. 

However, the manner of his appointment to replace outgoing Councilman Thomas Dwyer, was just another example of North Hempstead politics. Mr. Zuckerman was a long-time Village of East Hills trustee. 

Outside of that small Village and his family and friends, no one seems to even know him .    

This is how back room politics works in our town. The party in power, in this case the Democrats, secretly gets together and selects one of their own! 

And presto, some party favorite magically appears to take the seat. No public hearings. No discussions! 

Never, and I mean never, does either party ever rise above party politics, and call for a special election to let the voters determine who will fill the remainder of the term. 

I know it’s the law, but after all, he is our representative .

Bravo to Dina DeGiorgio, the only council member to vote against this appointment, for this very reason. 

The test will come when her own Republican Party holds the majority. Then I will know she is serious about reforming this very broken system.

Both parties have acted this way for so many years that nobody seems to even notice. I guess we get what we deserve.

Dr. Stephen Morris

North Hills


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