Readers Write: Town need less photo ops and more action


The first time I wrote top you I signed “anonymous.” The second time I wrote I had it published.

Now I am writing you about the lady with the white hair. I just found out who she is. 

All I know is if she wants to have her picture taken every day of the week in every paper, mostly Great Neck News and everywhere else she could have her picture taken, maybe she could go to Hollywood, Calif., and have the picture of herself taken every day. 

I am assuming she is volunteering. I hope so because if she is getting paid I would like to know what she is getting paid for.

I went to several meetings already here, when I like, and also Cuttermill Road and Ipswich Avenue, where they had more politicians pointing out what they were going to do regarding the accidents on Cuttermill Road going to Ipswich Avenue. 

Nothing to this day has been done and now you could add to the big clock on Middle Neck Road and everything else that is going on in Great Neck that will make this one big town to live in. 

Enough with her pictures already. 

Let her do some work for Great Neck instead of for the cameras.

M.K. “Disgusted”

Great Neck


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