Best Palm Reading Sites Of 2022: Apps & Websites For Palmistry

Palmistry has been practiced for millennia. Imagine having the answers to all of your life questions in the palm of your hand, including your love life, health, achievements, and failures. It is like having a blueprint of your future printed when you are still in the womb. You have probably been intrigued about your life’s decisions and have questioned if you have made the right ones.

A palm reader can interpret what each of those lines on your palm implies and help you find clarity about your past, present, and future when you work with them. Whether a curved or straight line or a deep or light line, any of these small hints might carry your life meaning.

However, finding the best palm reading site can be tricky. How can you know exactly which one is genuine when there are so many to pick from? Luckily, we made a list of the greatest and most reliable and accurate online palm readings websites currently available.

But if you are still feeling hesitant on whether  to get a palm reading or not, check our ‘Buying Guide’ section, where we have included all of the advantages.

List of the Best Palm Reading Sites and Apps 

  1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Palm Reading Site, Editor’s Pick
  2. Oranum: Best For Live Sessions Of Palm Line Reading
  3. Keen: Most Accurate For Career Palmistry
  4. Kasamba: Best Palm Readers For Love, Relationship & Marriages
  5. Mysticsense: Multiple Psychic Readers For Palm Reading

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Palm Reading Site, Editor’s Pick

Purple Garden’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the internet and psychics and dispel the skeptics who do not believe in the supernatural or psychics. They offer various services, from fortune-telling to relationship and career readings.

Purple Garden is one of the largest mobile psychic readings sites with hundreds of professional psychic readers. Their advisor range includes seasoned psychics with decades of expertise and a new psychic with high user ratings.

Top Features

You can navigate the list of experts by qualification, training, expertise, abilities, and experience. You can also browse customer reviews to understand better what services a certain expert provides. Also, you can get your readings done over the phone, through chat, or via video conference.

These psychics provide palm readings, tarot readings, relationship counseling, astrology and horoscopes, oracle guidance, angel insight, and dream interpretation.

They have around 18 skilled palm readers that have already given over 1,000 internet readings. Several psychics have a flawless 5.0 rating, which speaks highly of the selection’s care.

Moreover, this psychic service offers a wide range of prices to suit all budgets. Live chat and phone conversations cost $1.49 to $9.49 per minute, while video calls cost $2.49 to $9.99 per minute.

What We Love About Purple Garden

Although they do not provide any discounts or special offers, many individual psychic readers have offered generous deals. Several of the consultants give discounts up to 50% off on certain days.

One of the top features that sets them apart is that they provide bilingual readings. You can get a reading in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Italian and various other languages.


  • Team of over 3,000 online psychics
  • Extensive screening on psychics to prevent scams
  • Search criteria for exploring different options
  • Highly accurate and personalized readings
  • All communication methods
  • Budget-friendly packages
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS devices


  • No satisfaction guarantee

Customer Experience

Overall, Purple Garden is a reliable platform worth putting your money into with a variety of psychic consultants specializing in many fields. The extensive service and costs make it suitable for everyone, from frequent visitors to first-timers, regardless of their budget.

Purple Garden’s best feature is its mobile-friendly app. So, you can access the platform through your phone and begin a live call in just seconds, no matter where you are.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Oranum: Best for Live Sessions of Palm Line Reading

Do you want to experience palmistry reading practice on a whole other level? Oranum is the first online reading site that provides a live video option where you can see your reader through their webcam and get a truly personalized psychic reading experience.

However, if you do not want your psychic to see your face, you can still choose to remain anonymous throughout the reading.

Oranum has an array of about 100 highly professional palm readers, each with unique skills and experience. The site has over ten years of experience in spiritual, psychic, and astrological readings, and they offer free sessions, private session psychic readings, premium videos, membership, and surprise sessions, making the platform stand way higher on the pedestal of psychic readings.

At Oranum, all reading sessions are via a live video communication network. This feature allows the reader and client to establish a more personal connection and feel as if they are meeting in person.

Top Features

Palm readings at Oranum will give you the experience that no other site possesses. They have an app option for on-the-go reading in addition to their outstanding website. You can browse through psychic experience, reviews, methods of communication, besides the regular video call option, and price range. Also, Ornaum gives you the opportunity to select the reader’s way of performance and tone of the reading.

Oranum’s costs are relatively competitive compared to other top-rated psychic platforms. Once you sign up, you will receive a wonderful introductory offer of $9.99 in free credit. Also, you can choose a credit package to participate in the private sessions. The bundles range in price from $27.99 to $97.99, and you will get extra credit when you buy them.

What We Love About Keen

The free psychic chat is a fantastic feature that newbies will especially appreciate. It allows you to communicate with a psychic for free before paying for a reading. This option can help you get a clear idea of what you are getting before spending your money.

Whatever style of psychic reading you are searching for, you will undoubtedly find the right one on Oranum’s platform since every one of them is exceptionally friendly and happy to give you assistance.

If English is not your first language, you can get a reading with one of the many bilingual psychics who speak various other languages, like German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, and Portuguese.


  • Live video reading option
  • Various premium reading packages
  • Great deals and offers
  • Free minutes for all new users
  • Large number of palmistry readers
  • Readings in various languages
  • Educational tools on fortune telling


  • No option for phone and chat connection

Customer Experience

Oranum provides a unique psychic experience to all of its users due to its live video chat option, competent psychics, and public chat rooms. You can be fully confident that you can find the right reader.

When it comes to finding a real palmistry reader, no other site stands as strong as Oranum. The brand welcomes everyone and offers rewards both for their new customers and returning ones for choosing their service.

The psychic is extremely intuitive in front of the customer reviews and knows how to establish the right connection and earn trust.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#3. Keen: Most Accurate for Career Palmistry

Keen has gathered an extensive network of psychics from all around the world that can help you with spiritual readings, relationships, life concerns, and spiritual advice. Depending on what type of reading you are after and your overall expectations, the platform will pair you with a specialist or nearby reader.

This psychic site provides highly professional and accurate life, love, and relationship readings, and it also educates you on a psychic reading procedure through their FAQs and blogs. Keen offers two entry-level options. You can get ten minutes for $1.99 or three minutes for free during your first session.

Each psychic is subjected to a rigorous screening procedure before they are allowed to offer readings. The process includes multiple background checks to verify their level of experience and qualification.

Top Features

Whatever your method of communication preference is, Keen has all of the options, including phone calls, live chat, and email. You can keep connected even on the go through their mobile app with all of the options as the desktop version.

Keen allows you to check each psychic’s biography and select the reader that meets your needs and expectations. You can narrow down the results by specialties, availability, methods of communication, and prices.

Apart from that, a sophisticated tool called “Find a psychic” will pair you with a suitable reader according to your preferences.

Keen provides some of the most excellent psychic readings for those on a budget. The first ten minutes of your phone call are a mere $1.99. So, you do not have to spend a fortune to find a solution to your life’s most challenging problems.

What We Love About Keen

The customer support agents are one of the most professional and knowledgeable, and they are always on disposal to answer your questions and assist you with the registration, booking, and refund process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Keen is awesome because it offers a range of deals and promotions. These might range from free minutes to value packs that provide you with the greatest readings at a discount.

All of these packages include a 100% satisfaction offer that credits you with Keen dollars. This on-site money can be used for extra sessions with other advisors on the platform.


  • Vast network of certified psychic experts and mediums
  • Option for free sessions
  • Three minutes free for every new trial
  • Protected payment
  • Affordable consultation fees
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • A large variety of readers can be difficult to choose from

Customer Experience

Keen is one of the most praised online fortune telling sites among customers for offering spiritual service that caters to each individual’s needs and expectations.

Up to this day, they have not let down anyone when it comes to accuracy and safety. They have some unique features that are not likely to be found on other platforms.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#4. Kasamba: Best Palm Readers For Love, Relationship & Marriages

If you are looking for the most accurate palm readings online, Kasamba is the right place to go. They are the most well-known psychic reading website that is available anytime, even on a mobile app.

With over two decades of experience, the service has grown to a vast customer base of over three million users and offers psychic experts that provide advice on the life path, success, confidence, and love.

Furthermore, the brand is fully aware of online scammers and how the industry likes to take advantage of people. As a result, they provide free access to their website, with all of their psychic’s bios fully displayed. So, clients can learn more about their expertise before scheduling a consultation.

Top Features

Kasmaba has around 20 professional palm readers who can perform this practice through the website or the app. To make you feel more confident and comfortable about the reading, Kasamba offers the first three minutes for free. These minutes are ideal for getting to know the psychic that you have chosen.

Kasamba offers readings through phone calls, chat, and email. All you have to do is to send them a photo of your palm or simply follow the method your psychic advises you to. The charges on Kasamba range from $1.99 to $30 per minute. However, since the email readings are a bit different, you should remember to ask your psychic for a rate.

Kasamba qualifies and reviews all psychics, spiritual advisors, and psychic mediums, meaning only the most experienced and gifted psychics can give readings. The platform advocates transparency, allowing users to read reviews on each psychic.

What We Love About Kasamba

If you want to see why Kasamba is so popular among those seeking psychic assistance, take advantage of their limited-time introductory offer, which gives new members 50% off their first reading.

Kasamba has a lot of fantastic deals and discounts. The first three minutes of any reading are free for all new users, which will allow you to see if the reading style is suitable for your scenario.

We also like how simple the website is to browse. You can quickly create a profile and look through all of Kasamba’s services. They give a lot of beneficial information on their website, especially for customers that are not familiar with spirituality and fortune-telling.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy navigation and search tools
  • Detailed, reliable, and accurate readings
  • Free minutes and affordable prices
  • Professional and modern palm readers with years of experience
  • Millions of satisfied clients


  • No video call option

Customer Experience

Kasamba is not only the most authentic reading site, but it is also reasonably priced. The internet psychic readers set their prices, allowing you to keep track of how much they charge every minute.

And who does not want to have a preview of what they are signing up for? Kasamba has the intuition for it and knows how to earn their customer’s trust, providing a three-minute free trial before charging you for the session.

Customers praise this option for making them feel more confident about their first reading.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#5. Mysticsense: Multiple Psychic Readers for Palm Reading

Mysticsense is a psychic reading website that offers reliable online palm readings day and night. The site also has reasonable costs and works with professional psychics, so you get the most value for your money.

You can search for psychics by topic, expertise, reading style, specialty, costs per minute, and reviews. They have a variety of subjects to pick from, including love, family, sexuality, dream readings, and much more.

You can also reach out to a Mysticsense successful and professional psychic through phone, text, or video calls. The platform’s three-in-one feature makes it one of the most popular among users.

Top Features

Mysticsense is the psychic companion for you if you have concerns about your career, relationships, or life. It gives discounted reading services or solutions for as little as a dollar per minute.

Mysticsense is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality psychic services. You have several choices to select a psychic based on your unique needs.

Psychics are accessible to help you with your readings any time of the year, even on holidays. The experience is the same whether you are using a desktop or mobile device.

What We Love About Mysticsense

For those that are new to Mysticsense, the site offers an experimental five-minute reading. To take advantage of this bonus, you must first add some credits to your wallet. You are going to receive free five minutes, regardless of the length of the session.

If you feel dissatisfied with the rest of the reading and want a refund, the client support assistant will set the amount based on your psychic charges and the amount in your account.

Whether you need a psychic reading or a phone psychic reading, Mysticsense can make pricing a lot easier and more affordable for you. The website includes straightforward pricing techniques that are simple to comprehend and use.

There are additional special offers available for first-time clients. If you are getting a reading for the first time on the website, you will receive a fantastic discount.


  • Affordable price range
  • Relevant search criteria
  • All communication methods
  • Free five minutes of online psychic readings for new customers
  • Group forum
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Most psychics only do chat readings

Customer Experience

The customer service team is always happy to assist all of the users who require assistance in choosing precise readings. Also, all of the Keen psychics have public ratings and reviews, making you feel more at ease when choosing which one will suit you the most.

Mysticsense is well known for providing the most affordable online psychic readings. It has a wide range of consultants to assist you with any question or need. Furthermore, it is one of the few platforms that offer free five-minute trials.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mysticsense

How We Made This List of Top Ranked Palm Reading Websites

While the number of psychic readers has grown, people find it more challenging to identify and choose those with the most accurate readings. However, if someone researches a few details before getting an online palm reading, the problem can be easily solved.


The first thing we considered is how reliable these websites are that are giving the palm readings. People always want to work with a reader with whom they can easily connect and discuss their personal matters.

We have chosen websites that are known to have exceptionally intuitive readers, that have a friendly approach and intuition to know how to guide the clients and make them feel comfortable and at ease when speaking about their heart matters.

Customer Reviews

Of course, one of the principal factors is other customers’ experience with the site. If the fortune-telling site has thousands of positive reviews and customers are leaving satisfactory reviews, then the chances you are going to get an accurate reading are high.

We have looked through all of the reviews to make sure the internet psychics on each of the five sites are authentic and give accurate readings. So, before you go through the list of available palm readers and choose one, take a few minutes to look over their evaluation and ratings.

Even if you have a free palmistry reading online, you need to go through this process to guarantee that the reader you pick is skilled and will give you the reading you expect.

Real Psychic Readers

Each of the palmistry reading sites we have listed below has a network of skilled advisors that are well-trained and competent in their field.

To maintain their network full of top-rated specialists, each website goes through a rigorous verification procedure. They all have a variety of ways to connect, making it exceptionally convenient for you.

You will find precisely what you are searching for on one of these websites we have featured in this article, whether you are trying to have a palm reading through online chat, email, or video call.

It is crucial to know how each brand hires potential online palmistry readers. Nobody wants to pay for a reading that is not accurate or genuine, but the truth is that there are a lot of con artists out there.

Using a psychic service with a rigorous qualifying procedure, on the other hand, will ensure that you get accurate palm readings every time you interact with an online psychic.

Costs and Discounts

Total costs, rates, and discounts are the most important considerations in evaluating the finest psychics and websites for online reading. Most internet psychics charge by the minute, with fees ranging from $1 to $20 or more.

If you do not want to pay a lot of money, you can always apply for any applicable discounts or specials to receive a free palm reading. Many websites, for example, offer new member promotions, such as free reading or free minutes.

Communication Methods

The greatest psychic reading sites provide various types of communication, including internet chat, email, and video sessions. Many individuals prefer to see their psychics, and this type of fortune-telling requires face-to-face interaction.

Video sessions allow the user and the psychic to engage with each other. During the discussion, they can see your facial expression, body language, and visual clues, providing extra context and information to the expert.

Buying Guide: Advantages of Getting a Palm Reading Online

Many individuals felt suspicious of this way of reading delivery technique when online psychic readings initially became popular in the 90s.

However, it became evident over time that the psychic’s distance from their client had little effect on the accuracy of their readings. But, getting a psychic reading is not just for the sake of fun, as it can be especially helpful and even more authentic than those in person.

Receive a Reading from Your Comfort Zone

You must visit the psychic at their home or workplace with an in-person reading. If you are not feeling particularly at ease in a strange place, this can affect your openness to the experience, resulting in a low level of accuracy of the reading.

On the other hand, when you get a reading from an online psychic, you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Schedule a Reading That Works for You

One of the drawbacks of in-person readings is that you have to wait for the psychic to become available. But, getting a psychic reading online allows you to select the reading time that works for you without you needing to skip your daily tasks.

If you find yourself worrying about some difficult situation or a future uncertainty in the middle of the night, you can even get an emergency reading by going to your favorite psychic reading website and searching for an emergency consultation.

Help You Confront Your Problems

For a multitude of life concerns and situations, consulting with a psychic makes sense. Do you need a love psychic to help you with your relationship issues? Maybe you would want a financial psychic to assist you in making the right financial decision. In either case, the first step is to figure out why you are contacting a psychic in the first place. You are preparing your thoughts for the work at hand in this manner.

Even if they are skilled in a variety of genres, real psychic readers will always have one or two areas of specialization. As a result, knowing your problems allows you to find a specialist psychic that is suitable for you. This way, you can get a more profound insight into various issues troubling you and find a better solution for them.

Get Insight into Relationships, Family, and Personal Matters

Various psychic reading sites specialize in assisting individuals with their family lives as well as advising them on what they should search for in a love relationship. Some experts can assist you in making better decisions for a happy future, while others can provide profound insight into why something in your personal life is the way it is.

This will frequently take the shape of your own energy, circumstances, and the medium through which you receive a psychic reading.

There are whole categories of seers that specialize in romantic relationships at Kasamba, including breakups and divorce, LGBT partnership, finding your soulmate, and many others. In such cases, a palmistry reading can give you a better insight into your overall life priorities.

Get Great Deals and Discounts

As with any service, checking the deals and discounts will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Psychic consultations can be brief and to the point, or they can last for several hours. In any case, being able to take advantage of special discounts might help you save time and money.

The three-minute offers are one of the top deals we have seen in all of our top recommendations. However, the length of time depends on the website or service. In many cases, these unscheduled minutes with the top psychics can be the most successful and give you the right insight.

All of our best selections also come with a money-back guarantee. However, depending on the website, the refund policies may vary depending on your complaint. Some sites may give you free minutes to try with another reader, while others will refund your money.

FAQs About Palm Reading Services Online

Q1. What can I expect from my first palm reading online?

Online palm readings may give you plenty of information to use in your daily life. They allow you to reflect on your life and receive honest advice and views on work, romantic, and personal concerns from chat psychics.

It is a fantastic approach to learn about your future and solve some ambiguities you are having at the present moment. Some individuals use online palmistry readings to figure out what professional path they should pursue or to learn about their previous lives.

You can discover more about yourself as a person and find a method to cope with the tension and challenges in your life by using palm readings online. Certain psychics specializing in various topics can give you cheap readings and free trial minutes.

Q2. How to find which service is the best to get a palm reading?

If you are new to palm readings, numerous palm reading websites are available. However, only experienced professionals work individually in private chats or video conferences. The vast majority of them request you to upload pictures yourself to examine the lines and the characteristics of your hand.

All information is kept private and will not be shared with other websites. If you are feeling puzzled about which website to visit, our first recommendation is those that provide free minutes where you can make a consultation with a reader and find out if they feel reliable enough to get a reading.

Q3. Do palm readings online offer truthful information?

The majority of people believe that online palm readings are often unreliable. But, we are here to inform you that this is a huge misconception, and it should not be accepted by anyone if they are thinking of trying it for the first time.

Each online palm reading, especially those provided by these services, is, in most cases, extremely real and accurate.

Apart from the fact that online psychics are widely regarded as con artists, many individuals are skeptical of the information they receive. When you do not ask the correct question, it is normal for you to feel kind of confused. Asking the right question during an online palmistry reading session is the key to being happy with the answer you are going to receive.

Before you make an appointment with an online psychic, make sure you have thought of all of the questions you want to find answers to. Some readings can be once-in-a-lifetime events, and you should get informed of all sorts of questions you will be asking.

If you are extremely specific about your questions, you can be sure you will get the greatest results. This develops spiritual connection, and there are a variety of ways to do it. Of course, this depends on the internet reader you are going to choose.

Q4. Which hand for life line, head line, fate line, and sun line should I have a palm reading from?

Palmistry is based on an individual’s dominant hand, which is the hand that is used to perform all of the necessary tasks. An individuals’ passive hand is also evaluated to determine their hereditary features and caliber.

However, once you approach a palmistry reader, they will ask you various questions before determining which hand you should have your reading from.

Readers know precisely which hand they need to perform the reading according to the question you will ask and the information you want them to give you.

You can find some helpful information about palmistry on the blogs we have on the website.

Q5. What types of palm lines are there, and what is their meaning?

The major lines are Heart Line, Head Line, and Life Line. These primary lines influencing our life and destiny are included in the palm readings fundamentals. They reveal the most important aspects that you should not ignore.

  • Heart Line

Each individual’s heart line begins and represents their emotional state, romantic side, and prospective personal growth. A deep line shows emotional depth and a long-lasting romantic connection. At the same time, a thin and constantly torn heart line symbolizes unstable relationships and friendlessness.

  • Head Line

This line represents logical and rational abilities, indicating the person’s approach. A straight line symbolizes rational thinking, whereas curves suggest a hint at creativity. Online palm reading can reveal if the individual is not using their full potential if a faint line is present.

  • Life Line

Perhaps the most well-known sentence in palm readings is this one, as it symbolizes vitality, curiosity, and enthusiasm. This does not predict how long a person will live, but it does reveal their zest for life.

It also denotes major life transitions, such as relocation to another country or location and significant physical and emotional crises. Long, strong, and uninterrupted lines imply strong and healthy genes.

Q6. How to spot a fake online palm reading site?

Even if you are not a skeptic, the thought of receiving a fake reading is enough to put you off completely. However, there are various ways to learn how to recognize fake psychics. Keep an eye out for these warning indicators to see if you are dealing with a potential scammer.

  • The brand does not provide any type of refund or money-back guarantee
  • The brand has no references or reviews to speak of, and they advise you to return a couple of times to get genuine answers
  • Unless you pay additional money to uncover answers, the reading will not end
  • When the reading starts, the reader makes you feel uncomfortable or kind of repelled
  • During the reading, the psychic uses fear tactics
  • The reader makes grandiose claims, and they sound too good to be true. The brand also claims they give 100% accurate readings

Q7. What kind of things can you talk about during palm readings?

With a psychic, you can talk about almost any topic, concern, problem, or uncertainty you have. However, if you need more detailed advice, you should seek a psychic reader specializing in your area of interest. For example, if you are looking for spiritual guidance, you should get a psychic medium instead.

Many individuals are curious about their love lives, careers, income, and family, but you can also talk about more serious issues, such as death and grief therapy. If you are unsure what you want to talk about, a general palm reading is your best choice. Here, the reader will give you what you need to know.

Conclusion: What Palmistry Sites Should You Use?

Palm readings are an old art form that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It was initially performed in China, India, and Egypt, and it is a type of divination that involves analyzing the lines on one’s palm to predict the future.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet and technology, we do not have to go miles to get our fortune told in front of the palm of our hand. Instead, all of those skilled palm readers are now available on the sites we have reviewed in our article.

Remember that palmistry is not a science, and it does not provide precise results. Your intuition will encourage you to follow your patterns as you get more comfortable with the interpretation.

Keep in mind that both hands, including middle finger, index finger and ring finger, of individuals evolve throughout time. Every day there is a new chance to direct your own life. Palmistry is not set in stone. Instead, it is just an opportunity to get insight into the best path forward.

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