Plandome Hghts. eyes tax cap override

The Village of Plandome Heights announced a preliminary budget of $430,885 at its board of trustees meeting Monday, a 3.55 percent increase over last year.

The village estimates $114,100 will be raised in non-tax revenue, with the remaining $316,785 to be raised through property taxes. 

Village of Plandome Heights Mayor Ken Riscica said that even though the village hasn’t raised taxes in the last three years, it might be forced to exceed the 2 percent tax cap.

“I think we’ve reached the point where we can’t toe the line anymore,” Riscica said.

Riscica said the board will continue its analysis of the budget in an effort to lessen the tax burden, with a goal of “tax stability without surprises.”

“I think we can avoid piercing the cap this year, and it would be a show of good faith to try and do so,” he said. 

Riscica said the board has begun a reserve fund to plan expenditures for the next five to 10 years and a capital plan. 

During his mayor’s report, Riscica listed some of the reasons why the budget is expected to increase in the upcoming year and recapped the village’s role in working alongside other Manhasset villages in providing use of Village Hall and its electrical power during Hurricane Sandy.

The board announced a budget work session, targeted within the next few weeks, but had not yet decided on a date. 

The board also swore in trustees Daniel Cataldo,  Norman Taylor and Lawrence Bourget, as well as Justice Cye Ross, and announced committee assignments.

The board agreed on various the distribution of various park land funds, with curbing and boulder work at the Village Preserve costing $9,500, tree work and chipping paths at the preserve to cost $2,000 and sign repair not to exceed $6,000.  

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