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Our community values the high educational standards that define a Port Washington education. The proposed budget continues to maintain this educational excellence in the face of increasing student enrollment and other financial challenges. The proposed budget carries a tax levy increase of 2.33 percent, which is within the district’s allowable tax levy cap for 2017-18, and includes 19.4 additional staffing positions, of which 15.4 are instructional positions. Included is staffing for five new elementary sections (one at each elementary building). Several part-time positions are identified as Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) positions and are funded as such. Salary schedule as well as health insurance, retirement and social security benefits have all been factored in.

The proposed budget includes:

  • One teacher at Daly ES (grade 2), one teacher at Guggenheim ES (grade 1), one teacher at Manorhaven ES (grade 5), one teacher at Salem ES (grade 2 or 5) and one teacher at Sousa ES (grade TBD). The addition of these positions will allow more elementary classes to stay within the district’s class size guidelines.
  • One bilingual kindergarten teacher.
  • One art teacher at Schreiber HS.
  • One English teacher (ENL dually certified) at Schreiber HS.
  • The FTE of 2.2 elementary ESL teachers: Guggenheim ES (0.5); Manorhaven ES (1.1); Salem ES (0.6).
  • Foreign language teacher (0.6).
  • Pre-K guidance position (0.5).
  • The FTE of one health teacher: Weber MS (0.5); Schreiber HS (0.5).
  • The FTE of 0.8 music teachers: Guggenheim ES (0.1); Manorhaven ES (0.1); Salem ES (0.2); Weber MS (0.4).
  • The FTE of 1.3 physical education teachers: Daly ES (0.1); Guggenheim ES (0.1); Manorhaven ES (0.1); Weber MS (0.5); Schreiber HS (05).
  • One social worker at Schreiber HS.
  • One districtwide nurse.
  • One information technology aide at Schreiber HS.
  • One Associate Administrator for Literacy (K-2). This position is being created in response to the demands required in reading and writing and will strengthen the coordination of literacy instruction to a greater number of primary aged students.
  • One Assistant Principal to be shared between Guggenheim ES and Sousa ES. This position is being restored after having been eliminated a few years ago. The addition of an AP will ensure adequate oversight for all student services at the district’s two largest elementary schools while allowing for the reallocation of staff resources to benefit all students.

For additional information regarding the proposed 2017-18 school budget, please visit the district’s website at www.portnet.org.      


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