Port Washington North considers regulations on rentals

Port Washington Mayor Bob Weitzner. (Photo courtesy of the candidate)
Port Washington Mayor Bob Weitzner. (Photo courtesy of the candidate)

Port Washington North Board of Trustees plan to make a number of decisions on bed and breakfasts, parking spaces and government contracts before the end of the year.

The trustees agreed on Wednesday to hold these decisions for public hearing at their next meeting on Dec. 6.

Perhaps the most prominent of these was the issue of bed and breakfasts in the village. But what the bill regulated was far more complex, including the use of Airbnb and rules regarding the rental of properties.

“This isn’t simple,” Mayor Bob Weitzner said. “This is like 10 or 15 pages (added) to the village code.”

One of the major issues was with Mill Pond Acres. The property has condominiums intended  for senior citizens. After some of the residents passed away, their apartments were left in a family trust and some have been rented out.

Weitzner did not want the village code to be overly complicated and did not want to require residents to ask the village for permission to rent a property. Some trustees wondered if Mill Pond Acres should deal with the rental situation instead of the village. But village attorney Stuart Besen said there had to be some kind of guidance in the code.

“Right now the village has zero on the books,” he said. “There is no regulation, no code items, nothing.”

The trustees agreed to look over the code and would open the topic for public hearing at the December meeting.

They did agree to replace a water meter at Bay Walk Park, at a cost of about $327.

Another measure considered by the trustees was whether to officially oppose the elimination of the state and local tax deduction as part of Congress’ federal tax reform. Other North Shore villages like Rosyln and Great Neck Plaza have officially opposed it, as did Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove) on Thursday.

“It’s going to hurt New York, it’s going to hurt Long Island, it’s going to hurt Nassau County and it’s going to hurt Port Washington North,” Weitzner said. The board passed the measure and Weitzner said he would send a letter to Suozzi announcing Port Washington North’s opposition.

They also decided to hold public hearings for a handicap parking space on Smull Place and the Fire Department’s contract at the December meeting.

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