Port Washington School District gets social

A screenshot of Port Washington School District's newly re-launched Facebook page. (Photo courtesy of Port Washington Union-Free School District)

The Port Washington Union Free School District (PWUFSD) is to re-launch their district Facebook page to keep up with emerging technology trends in today’s society. A presence on social media provides the district with an additional platform to broadcast the accomplishments of students, faculty, and extracurricular groups over the course of the school year.

“A Facebook page offers PWUFSD the potential to reach one of our largest audiences,” said Kathleen Mooney, Superintendent of Port Washington School District. “Social media is becoming a fundamental part of our district—from principals to teachers, and even upper-level classes. We are thrilled to continue digitally showcasing our students’ learning and accomplishments with the community.” 

The objective of the Facebook page is to deliver district information to the Port Washington School District’s community in a timely manner. The page will disseminate information regarding district and school programs, events, and important announcements. Posts will include but are not limited to classroom learning, academic and athletic accomplishments, emergency alerts, and Board of Education meetings.

While the page will be used as a form of communication from the district to the community, there are specific guidelines followers must adhere to. The page will not permit outside posts. Additionally, comments will be restricted.

While the district understands that Facebook is designed to be an interactive platform, to create a page that allows commenting, and consequently the requirement that the district be able to respond in a timely fashion to comments and/or questions, would require the district to allocate both personnel and financial resources to the close monitoring of the page on a daily, almost 24/7 basis. At the current time, the district does not consider that a responsible use of district funds.

All comments from followers will be restricted, whether positive, negative or in question format. Community members who have questions or comments should continue to use the communication channels they have always used, including contacting a teacher or building principal, or when appropriate, district administration.

For more information about the Port Washington Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at www.portnet.org and like our Facebook page: @PortWashSchools.

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