Port Washington students named to University of Rhode Island Dean’s List

The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce that more than 6,000 undergraduates have qualified for the fall 2019 Dean’s List. The students represent nearly all of Rhode Island’s cities and towns, all six New England states, New York and New Jersey, and many other states and nations.

To be included on the Dean’s List, students must have completed 12 or more credits during a semester for letter grades with at least a 3.30 quality point average. Part-time students qualify with the accumulation of 12 credits with a 3.30 quality point average. The list includes students who have not yet declared their majors as well as those from all of the University’s undergraduate academic colleges.

The following students have been named to URI’s fall 2019 Dean’s List:

Alyssa Alvez of Port Washington

Carolyn Bollerman of Port Washington

Submitted by the University of Rhode Island

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